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Board Agendas and Projects

New Projects and Requests in Catawba County

The following requests will be coming before a Catawba County Board for consideration. Please find the case of interest to you, and click on the “hot” attachments shown in blue to get more information on the project. Feel free to contact our office for more details.

Agenda Items

Meeting Schedule 2021


Rezoning Application NumberApplicantLocationPrior ZoningRequested ZoningAttachmentsHearing DatesStatus
RZ2021-06Bradley & Traci Tyson

Sherrills Ford Small Area Planning District


R-20HCApplication, Narrative

Planning Board


RZ2021-05Ed Estridge-Sinacori Builders

7170 Vinewood Road


PC-CD (RZ2020-11)PC-CD(RZ2021-05)Application, Narrative, Concept plan, Building Rendering,Cross Sections

Planning Board


RZ2021-04Tom Scott/Scott Development Group

7369 Fighting Creek Road and 7502 Fighting Creek Road

PIN:4606-06-39-2089 and 4606-06-48-3382

R-30PD-CDApplication, Aerial, Topo

Planning Board 7/26/21

Board of Commissioners 8/16/21

RZ2021-03Tim McCaslin

5845 Walnut Grove Lane and 4930 South NC 127 Highway

PIN:2699-10-25-7759 and 2699-10-25-5826

RCHCApplication, Narrative, Aerial, Topo

Planning Board 7/26/21

Board of Commissioners 8/16/21

RZ2021-01Northstate Development LLCPINs: 3686-1554-7011, 3686-1553-5804, 3686-1553-8501, 3686-1553-2662, 3686-1553-2208R-20 & HC(Highway Commercial)PD(Planned Development)

Planning Board


Board of Commissioners


RZ2020-14BBC Laurelbrooke,LLCPINS: 4609-0137-8911, 4609-0147-8416, 4609-0256-9543, 4609-0275-1111R-40 Residential, R-80 Residential, GI General IndustrialPlanned Development-Conditional District PD-CDApplication, Narrative, Vision Book, Site Plan

Planning Board 11/30/20

Board of Commissioners 12/21/20

RZ2020-13Teramore Development

5960 Sherrills Ford Rd

PIN: 3699-0108-4445

R-20 ResidentialRC-CDApplication, Applicant's Narrative, Site Plan, Proposed Elevation

Planning Board


Board of Commissioners 11-16-20

RZ2020-12Lakecations-Todd Senff1648 Mollysbackbone RdR-20/R-30PD-CDApplication, narrative, concept site plan

Planning Board 9/27/20

Board of Commissioners

10-19-20 (

RZ2020-11Blackstone Development Group LLC

7170 Vinewood Rd

PIN: 4607-1700-0201

PD-CDPD-CDApplication, Narrative Booklet Part 2,Site plan

Planning Board 8/31/20

Board of Commissioners 9/21/20

RZ2020-10Watershed AmendmentCatawba County Unified Development Ordinance Section 44-434N/AN/APlanning Board 7/27/20Approved
RZ2020-09Todd EdwardsPINs: 3689-0480-3774,3689-0480-6776,368904807417, 368904802458, and a portion of 368904801144 located in the Sherrills Ford Small Area and Highway 150 Corridor Planning DistrictsR-40


Rural Conservation-Condidtional Zoning

Application, Narrative, Conceptual Site Plan, Event Building Elevation, Sales Building Elevation,Meat Processing Building Elevation

Planning Board 7/27/20

Board of Commissioners


RZ2020-08Jared & Tabitha YatesPIN: 360903325454R-20R-40Application, Narrative, Aerial

Planning Board 7/27/20

Board of Commissioners


RZ2020-07BBC Beaver Creek

8201 East NC 150 Hwy

PIN: 4617-1045-8822



Planned Development - Conditional Zoning District (PD-CD)
Application, Applicant's Narrative, Concept Plan, Building Drawing

Planning Board 6/29/20

Board of Commissioners, 8/3/2020

RZ2020-06EPI Pool & Spas-Mitchell Sigmon

2840 South US 321 Hwy

PIN: 3648-1314-9740



Rural Commercial

Application, Narrative, Site Map

Planning Board 6/29/20

Board of Commissioners, 07/13/2020

RZ2020-05Scott & Marie MarksPIN 3689-0288-5479R-20 ResidentialRural Commercial-Conditional DistrictApplication, Applicant's Narrative, Concept Plan, Building Drawing

Planning Board 5/28/20

Board of Commisioners 6/15/20

RZ2020-04Spring Hill Land Trust

4195 E NC HWY 10

PIN 377005179860

R-20 ResidentialRural CommercialApplication, Applicant's Narrative, Map

Planning Board 5/28/20

Board of Commisioners 6/15/20

RZ2020-02Chad CookePIN 368601351353R-40 ResidentialPlanned Development - Conditional Zoning District (PD-CD)Application , Narrative, Conceptual Site Plan, Supplemental Information

Planning Board 2/24/2020 Board of Commissioners 05/4/2020

RZ2020-01BBC Terrell Park, LLCPINs 461713141976, 461713144163, 461709156110, 461709251219, 461709252376, 461709263370, 461709158838, 461709159631, 461709155301, 461709158265, 461713149886, 461713241960R-30, R-20 Residential, Rural Commercial (RC), Highway Commercial (HC), and Planned Development-Conditional District (CD)Planned Development - Conditional Zoning District (PD-CD)Application, Narrative,Conceptual Image Booklet,Conceptual Plan

Planning Board 5/28/20

Board of Commisioners 6/15/20


Ge Yang

Mai See Cindy Yang

3217 South NC 16 PIN 366801189912R-40 ResidentialHighway Commercial (HC)Application, Location Map, Applicant's Narrative

Planning Board 12/19/19

Board of comissioners 01/21/2020

RZ2019-09Tom Scott, Terra Change LLCPINs 461708998493, 462705093808, 461708981988, 461708981821, 461708984339, 462705081502, 462705081661, 462705082731, 462705083800, 462705083859, 462705084925, 462705095001, 462705096008, 462705096163, 462705097210, 462705097290, 462705098175R-30 Residential and Rural Commercial(RC)Planned Development-Conditional Zoning District (PD-CD)Application, Conceptual Site Plan, Proposed Development Booklet, Development Booklet Update-1, Development Booklet Update-2

Planning Board 12/19/2019

Board Of Commissioners 01/21/2020

RZ2019-06Justin Houston/Kimley-Horn

4289 Slanting Bridge Rd

PIN 460704807429

R-30 ResidentialPD-CD Planned Development-Conditional DistrictApplication, Narrative,Project Plans, Rezoning Plans, RenderingPlanning Board 11/25/19 Board of Commissioners 12/16/19Approved
RZ2019-07Terramore DevelopmentPIN 269913231747R-20 ResidentialRC-CD Rual Commercial-Conditional DistrictApplication, Site Plan, Landscape Plan, Survey, Utility Plan, Grading PlanPlanning Board 11/25/19 Board of Commisioners 12-16-19Approved
RZ2019-04Hugh & Margie Putnam3068 Startown RdR-20RCApplication, Narrative, Map10/28/2019Withdrawn
RZ2019-03Princeton Asset Mgmt.7856 E NC 150 HighwayR-20HC(Highway Commercial)Application, Applicant's Narrative, Site MapPlanning Board 7/24/19 Board of Commisioners 7/22/2019



RZ2019-02Greg Crawley

Vinewood Road/NC 150 Highway 460717000201,



and 460717003413

R-30 Residential and PD-CDPD-CD(Planned Development-Conditional Zoning)Site Plan, Application, Applicant's Narrative, Aerial map, Development BookletPlanning Board 5/30/19 Board of Commisioners 6/17/19Withdrawn
RZ2019-01Lennar CarolinasNortheast of intersection of NC 16 Hwy Business/NC 150 HwyR-20 and R-40PD-CD (Planned Development-Conditional Zoning)Site Plan, Application, Applicant's Narrative, Aerial MapPlanning Board 2/25/2019 Board of Commisioners 3/18/19Approved 2/25/2019
RZ2018-08Eddy & Debbie MartinParcel ID #2688-04-60-6514 & 2688-04-60-2077RC (Rural Commercial)R-40 ResidentialApplication, Narrative, Vicinity MapPlanning Board, 12/20/2018 Board of Commissioners, 01/22/2019Withdrawn

Meeting Schedule-2021


Case NumberLocationRequestApplicantAttachmentsHearing Date & Status
EXT SU-2021-012100 HW Farm RdExtension of a Special Use Permit to add 165 camp spaces, a bathhouse, laundry, and pool to an existing 72 space campground321 RV Park LPApplication, narration, aerial



SU-2021-055438 Old Shelby RdSpecial Use Permit for a new 120’ wireless telecommunication facility in a 100‘ x 100’ leased area with provider Verizon to locate on the towerCellco Partnership W/VerizonApplication, site plan,aerial


HDD-2021-02Terrell Park Dr. in the Sherrills Ford Village CenterStormwater Plan Approval of Bond



Application, Aerial, topo, site mapApproved 9.28.21
HDD-2021-018201 E NC 150 Hwy, Sherrills FordStormwater Plan Approval of Bond



Application, Aerial, overlay, siteApproved 9.28.21
SU-2021-043555 Dorothy's Lane, NewtonHorse Boarding and accessory usesDoug & Rebecca SharpApplication, Narrative, Site plan



VAR-2021-013040 Maranatha Church RdTwo side setback variancesBeth CockerhamApplication, Narrative, Aerial, SitePlan



SU-2021-032088 Mathis Church RdSpecial Use Permit for Land Clearing and Inert Debris LandfillJustin DagenhartNarrative, Aerial, Site Plan, Environmental Report4/27/21
SU-2021-023381 S NC 16 Hwy, MaidenSpecial Use Permit to construct greenhouses, plant show area and officeMark & Delta EldrethApplication, Narrative, Aerial, Site Plan3/30/21
SU 2021-012201 Finger Bridge Rd., HickorySpecial Use Permit for Private AirstripJared and Tabitha YatesApplication, Memo, Aerial, Site Plan3/30/21
SUP 2020-034883 & 4897 S NC 127 Hwy10/70 Bonus Permit to add two storage bldgsWize Home Direct (Jason Harold)Application, Site Plan, Aerial12/22/20
ENCU 2020-01

3781 Thompson St.

Newton NC 28658

Conside expansion of nonconforming use-addition to existing frame company buildingPerrys Frame, Inc. Allen TravisApplication, Narrative,Site plan. Aerial map8/25/20
SU 2020-02

5121 S NC 127 Hwy. Hickory, NC 28602

Consider a Special Use Permit for a 10/70 Bonus Watershed Permit.Teramore DevelopmentApplication, Narration, Site Plan, Aerial6/30/20 Approved

SU 2019-03 and

SU 2019-02

1. 5501 WA Woodard Dr., Maiden, NC 28650

2. 6266 Startown Rd., Newton, NC 28650

1. SU for Nursery/Landscaping Business

2. adjustment to special use permit

1.Troy Ogrin

2.Richard Harwell

Ogrin Application, Ogrin Map

Harwell map1, Harwell map2

10/29/2019 Ogrin-Approved


ENCU 2019-013462 Springs Rd, HickoryExtension of a Non-conforming Use-replacing fuel station canopyMarcus EnterprisesApplication,Project Description,Location Map, site plan5/28/2019-Approved
SU2019-016266 Startown Rd, NewtonSU for RV CampgroundRSH PropertiesApplication,Location Map, Site Plan, Project Description5/7/2019-Approved

Meeting Schedule

Agenda-No October meeting

Project NameLocation/PIN #RequestApplicantAttachmentsHearing Date & Status
Shannon Woods Phase 2-43687-0480-0340 (MULTIPLE PINS)

Preliminary Plat for Cluster Subdivision Phases 2 - 4 for up to 560 Lots

Lennar Carolinas LLCAerial, Site, Overlay, Topo



Avian Woods LLC-Phase 43720-166-7084Phase 4 conventional subdivision to consist of up to 10 lotsAvian Woods LLCApplication, Aerial, Site Plan, Parcel Map



Cypress Farms4607-0491-7332,4607-0491-9277,4617-0301-3391Conventional Subdivision of 9 lotsPrinceton land Development, LLC/Jeff CannonApplication, Site Plan, Zone map, Parcel Map, Aerial Map8/25/20 Approved
Villas at Sherrills Ford

9070 Sherrills Ford


Planned Development up to 59 lotsPrestige Corporate Development, LLC



Blackstone Bay

4251 Slanting Bridge Rd.

4607-1970-1353,4607-0470-7149, 4607-0480-7429

Planned Development 194 lots

BSB Development, LLC

BBC Blackstone LLC



Mountain View Acres

4025 Joe Crouse Rd


Conventional subdivision of 44 lotsEric Tucker Builders, LLCApplication, Plat, Aerial


Revised Sherrills Stream at Lake Norman

8331 Sherrills Ford Rd


Revised Cluster Subdivision consisting of 89 lotsBuddy Lyons, LeoTerra Sherrill’s Stream, LLCApplication, Aerial Map, Site Plan



Shannon Woods SubdivisionMultiple lots with ingress/egress along Hwy 16 Business and Hwy 150Phase 1 consisting of 180 lots on 135 acresLennar Carolinas, LLCApplication, Map, Site Plan



Zion Church States1733 Zion Church Road/3700-0648-9307Request for a subdivision consisting of 16 lotsFuturo, LLCApplication, Site plan, Map



Wynswept 23326 Rant Drum Rd/3678-04-61-4029Reinstate Wynswepts vacated Phase IV and expired Phase V to consist of 43 lots

DWD-David Dupree

Surveyor-David Poovey

Site Plan



Sherrill’s Stream at Lake Norman

8331 Sherrills Ford Rd/4608-02-85-7424Cluster Subdivision consisting of 88 lotsBuddy Lyons, LeoTerra Development, Inc



Townes at Sherrills Ford9225 Sherrills Ford rd Highway 150 Corridor Plan/Mountain Creek TownshipSubdivision consisting of 153 LotsBP GabrielSite Plan



Henry River ViewHenry River Rd 7-lot subdivisionSubdivision consisting of 7 lotsKey Builders IncApplication, Map, Plat/Topo



Emerald CreekEmerald Creek Phase 2 Lots 81-92 and Vine Court and Ivy Court right-of-waysVacate two rights of ways in 12 lotsR Barn LLCApplication, Site Plan2/26/2019

Active Projects

In 2007, with strong population growth continuing in the southeastern part of Catawba County, plans were announced for development of a “village center” with space for retail, office, medical and educational uses to serve the Sherrills Ford and Terrell communities. Plans for a “village center” were well received by citizens in that area but when the severe economic downturn followed in late 2008, plans for the village center could not proceed.

Now a fresh start has been proposed for a planned development, which would be known as The Village at Sherrills Ford.

As was the case with the first proposal in 2007, the new proposal will be accompanied by a new development agreement under which the developer is providing assets beyond those required under current land use regulations. The properties were originally rezoned Planned Development-Conditional Development, or PD-CD, in 2007 with the original village center proposal by Crescent Resources LLC. The property was sold by Crescent Resources to The Village at Sherrills Ford LLC in December 2014.

The new proposal is to develop the same five properties, totaling approximately 200 acres, revising the square footage based on current market demands. The plan sets aside space for development of approximately 325 single-family and 750 multi-family residences and 615,000 square feet for uses such as retail, office, medical and educational purposes.

Approved Projects

In August 2008, Crosland LLC submitted a proposal to develop 44 acres for a mixed use commercial center at the intersection of Hwy. 150 and the new Hwy. 16 interchange, referred to as the Bridgewater Development. At build-out, the commercial center would include up to 206,500 square feet of building area. As part of the rezoning request, Crosland and the County executed a development agreement which laid out the specific details for the development of Bridgewater. The Catawba County Board of Commissioners approved the Planned Development-Conditional District at its meeting in October 2008.

Representatives of Catawba County, Crescent and Key Harbor Holdings have reached agreement on a development agreement for the Key Harbor, Village Center, Terrapin Creek and Mountain Creek properties. Public comment on the development agreement, amendments to the Sherrills Ford Small Area Plan, and Key Harbor and Village Center rezoning requests was heard at a public hearing of the Catawba County Planning Board, on Monday, March 26, 2007 at 7 pm at the 1924 Courthouse at 30 North College Avenue in Newton, NC. The Catawba County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing on the proposed agreement and approved the project on Monday, April 16, 2007 at 7 pm, also at the 1924 Courthouse in Newton.