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The Catawba County Board of Elections

is committed to efficiently conducting fair, honest, and impartial elections so that all qualified Catawba County citizens may exercise their right to vote.

The office conducts local elections, operates voting sites, maintains voter registration lists and handles numerous aspects of election administration. The Catawba County Board of Elections works in conjunction with the State Board of Elections office to ensure that elections are conducted lawfully and fairly.


To request an absentee mail-in ballot, submit a completed Absentee Request Form to your county Board of Elections office.
The voter, or a near-relative, may make the request. The request must include the voter's valid NC Drivers License number, or last four digits of their social security number. Note: Military and Overseas voters should request via—these cannot be requested by near relative.

Requests for the November 2020 election may be sent in now. Mailed ballots will be issued starting on September 4th, 2020.

If you are not registered in the county, you must also include a completed Voter Registration Form.

Absentee Request Form

Catawba County residents may send request forms to: Board of Elections, PO Box 132, Newton, NC 28658
(multiple requests may be enclosed in the same envelope).
Faxed and Emailed forms are now acceptible (as of a June 12th law change); however, the image must show an actual signature.

NOTICE: If you were sent an unsolicited pre-filled absentee ballot request form with partially printed information (such as your name and address),
DO NOT USE IT. (see example)
Catawba County is aware that a third-party organization has sent out nearly 900 pre-filled forms to Catawba County voters. Please disregard that form. Anyone submitting a third-party pre-filled form will receive a Notice of Invalid Request from our office.

North Carolina law does not permit absentee request forms that contain pre-filled information.

For more information on this law, see section (e) Invalid Types of Written Requests of NCGS § 163-230.2. Method of requesting absentee ballots.


Online registration applications are available for NCDMV customers for free. This service is offered through a partnership between the NC Division of Motor Vehicles and the NC State Board of Elections​. ​

On this site, you will be able to:

  • Register to vote (Note: if you move to a new county, you must re-register)
  • Update physical address
  • Update mailing address
  • Update party affiliation

DEADLINE: Registration applications submitted less than 25 days before an election will not be processed until after the election.
[Current Catawba County deadline for all registration applications: 5pm, Oct 9, 2020]

Go To NCDMV online voter registration application

If you are not an NCDMV customer, you may:

Catawba County residents may mail these to: Board of Elections, PO Box 132, Newton, NC 28658
(multiple registrations may be enclosed in the same envelope)

2020 Elections

Federal, State, Judicial, County, and County School Board Elections

Candidates in Nov 3rd General

List of candidates that will be on the November ballots

Search - Organized Committees

Choose the Election Year to view campaign finance documents for candidates

Printable 2020 Elections Calendar


  • Delivery Begins for Absentee-by-Mail Ballots - Friday, Sep 4, 2020 [Absentee Request Forms may be submitted now]
  • Voter Registration Deadline ["Books Close"] - Friday, Oct 9, 2020, 5PM (hand-delivered or postmarked) [Voters must be registered by this date to vote on Election Day]
  • One-Stop Early Voting Begins - Thursday, Oct 15, 2020 [Residents not registered to vote may do so and vote ONLY at a One-Stop location with proof of residency]
  • One-Stop Early Voting Ends - Satruday, Oct 31, 2020, 3PM
  • Absentee-by-Mail Ballot Requests End - Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020, 5PM [Request must be in the office]
  • Presidential Election - Tuesday, Nov 3, 2020, 6:30AM - 7:30PM

Precinct Reassignments

Changes have been made to the voting precincts of Catawba County listed below in order to reduce the size of large precincts and to lessen the distance residents must travel to a polling location.

    Precinct (click for map)Description of Changes# of Voters Reassigned
    13 - GreenmontNow in Pct 26: properties between US 321 and Old Lenoir Rd
    from Tailored Industries north to the 321 bridge
    17 - Long View NNow in Pct 26: properties north of Clement Blvd0
    25 - North NewtonAdded properties from Pct 40 on the odd-numbered side
    of St. Pauls Church Rd that were in Newton City limits
    26 - Oakland HeightsAdded properties from Pcts 13 & 17 to bring Resurrection International
    Church (the polling location for Pct 26) into the Precinct 26 boundary
    29 - St Stephens 2Added properties from Pct 33-
    33 - Springs

    Now in Pct 29: [Lake Hickory Country Club area]
    odd-numbered (north) side of Spring Rd from County Home Rd to
    Wandering Ln. All properties on the west side of the line following Wandering Ln
    to Sulphur Springs Rd to the cove near 6250 Sulphur Springs Rd. This includes
    all properties along Hayden Dr, properties accessed via 37th St Dr NE, and
    all properties accessed via Sulphur springs Rd NE.
    Now in Pct 29: [corner of Sipe Rd and Section House Rd]
    Arrowhead Dr NE, Wagon Ln, Pioneer Dr,
    even-numbered side of Section House from Arrowhead Dr NE to Sipe Rd,
    odd-numbered side of Sipe Rd from house numbers 1995 to 2119.

    34 - StartownNow in Pct 35: even-numbered properties along Sandy Ford Rd
    (and all roads and subdivisions north), Odd-numbered Startown Rd
    residents north of Sandy Ford Rd
    35 - SweetwaterAdded properties from Pcts 34 and 40-
    40 - West NewtonNow in Pct 35: even-numbered properties along Settlemyre Bridge Rd
    (from the bridge to Startown Rd), Startown Rd residents
    north of Settlemyre Bridge Rd, all areas north including
    properties accessed via Valleyview Drive, and the Fairgrove Ch Rd
    area south of US 70

    Voters affected by the change were mailed voter registration cards on Friday, April 17, 2020. If voting on Election Day (Nov 3, 2020), registered voters are required to vote at their assigned polling location. If voting early, Catawba County voters may continue to choose to any of the open One-Stop Early Voting locations in the county.

    Residents living at properties described above have been reassigned to different precincts in order to reduce the number of voters at their previous polling location and to lessen their drive to their election-day polling site.

    • Precinct 33-Springs had over 6,000 voters; 1,601 are now in Pct 29 and live closer to their new election-day polling location. 33's voting population is down to 4,321 (Sherrill's Ford Pct 31 now holds the top spot with 4,561 voters).
    • Residents living in the northern areas of Pcts 40-W Newton and 34-Startown have been combined into Pct 29-Sweetwater; their polling location is now closer.

    List of Precincts

    Important Update on Photo ID

    • Until further order of the court, voters are not required to show photo ID. The law was enjoined by a federal district court on December 31, 2019. This page will be updated if new information becomes available.
    • More information on Voter Photo ID requirements is available on the State BOE website: Phone: (919) 814-0744.


    If you received a Voter Card (or other type of mail from us) for someone that does not live at that address, please write on the mailing: "NOT AT THIS ADDRESS," and put a line through the barcode if there is one below the address. Place back in your mailbox for the postal service to return to us.
    No postage is necessary.

    You may later recieve another card from us for this person; please return it, also. Once we receive two returned voter cards, the voter's status will be either "denied" or "inactive" (if inactive, they will have to verbally verify their address if they come to vote). By law, in order for us to remove the voter from your address, we need their signature, or notification from another county or state that they have registered to vote elsewhere. A person may remove themselves by completing a Request to Cancel Voter Registration.

    Is the person deceased? We need a signed Notice of Deceased Voter form completed by a near relative in order to remove their name.

    Thank you for helping us keep the registration rolls accurate.

    Frequently Used Forms

    Voter Registration Form
    (must be printed)

    NEW voters to the county
    must submit the
    original, signed document

    UPDATES may be Emailed or Faxed

    Deadline: 5pm, Oct 9, 2020
    hand-delivered or postmarked

    Online Registration Form

    NCDMV customers may
    submit an online
    registration form

    Deadline: 5pm, Oct 9, 2020

    Applications submitted after
    the deadline will be processed
    after the November election

    Absentee-by-Mail Request Form
    (must be printed and signed)

    Mail to: PO Box 132, Newton, NC 28658


    Fax: 828-464-9832

    Deadline: 5pm, Oct 27, 2020
    forms must be in the office.
    No ballots will be mailed after this date