Day Care Assistance

Day Care Assistance is a child care subsidy program for families who need help paying day care costs for their children from birth through 13 years old while they work or attend school. Some children may qualify for Day Care Assistance if they have developmental delays and/or special needs. The program can also be used to assist teen parents with day care so they can remain in traditional high school.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility factors for child Day Care Assistance require that families reside in Catawba County, have a need for day care (which may include employment, going to school, job training, or a child’s developmental and/or special needs), and meet certain income limit requirements.

All families who are income eligible for Day Care Assistance are required to pay a portion of the cost of day care through a fee called the Parent Fee. The amount of the Parent Fee is based on household size and household income.

The Day Care Assistance program has limited funding, and children may be placed on a waiting list if funding is not currently available when assistance is requested.

For more information or to determine eligibility, call the Day Care Assistance program at (828) 695-5600.

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