In an effort to ensure that our Catawba County children in foster care have all their needs and some of their wants met, we often rely on community donations and volunteers.

If there is a request for a child or resource family that we are unable to meet through community donations, we pull funds from a special account to meet that request. We always need financial donations for this account and welcome groups to host fundraisers specifically for this cause.

If you are interested in providing a financial donation, please contact Trista Newton at or (828) 695-4553.

Additional Opportunities

In order to better meet the needs of our children, we maintain a fully stocked supply closet which is used to provide essential items to children when they first come into foster care. If you, your family, your church, or a group you are involved in are interested in assisting with donations for our supply closet, please contact Trista Newton at or (828) 695-4553.

Catawba County Social Services and our wonderful foster, adoptive, and kinship parents strive to meet the needs of our children in foster care. Unfortunately, there are some needs that are beyond our scope, such as paying for band camp, building a wheelchair ramp for a grandparent raising his or her grandkids, buying special birthday presents, etc.

For these extra needs and wants, we have created a donor email listserv. When we have a child or resource family with a need, we simply email the listserv to see if anyone has the time, ability or resources to help. If you do, you respond to offer your assistance.

If you are interested in having your email put on our donor email listserv, please contact Trista Newton at

In an effort to show appreciation for our families and give our children normal childhood experiences, we often have fun events, get-togethers, and community donation drives such as our Christmas Wishes program and Backpack Drive. We regularly need volunteers for these events as well as groups, churches, and organizations that are willing to host events. If you, your church, or an organization you belong to are interested in volunteering or helping with an event, please contact Trista Newton at or (828) 695-4553.