Child Protective Services FAQ

Child protective services are required by law when conditions which led to the abuse or neglect or the child still exist. It is important to correct those conditions so that a child can remain safely in their own home.

Because these services are required by law when neglect or abuse has been substantiated, they are considered to be mandatory services.

Usually we are able to provide services to families so that the problems leading to the abuse and neglect are corrected and children are able to be safe at home. The removal of children occurs when the risk of harm continues to be high because of abuse or neglect and parents are either unable or unwilling to protect their children.

The family is referred to community services. Many of these services can provide services in the home or the community. There are some services that would require office visits.

Our services are family centered, which means that every consideration is given to scheduling appointments at a mutually convenient time.

That is incorrect. Child abuse and neglect cut across all socioeconomic lines. Only about 1/3 of the families being served at any time are receiving financial benefits from Social Services.

If you are receiving Child Protective Services, the social worker is required by policy to make face-to-face contact with families based on risk assessments. This could be as often as weekly.