Child Protective Services

The Child Protective Services division receives and investigates reports of suspected child abuse or neglect in Catawba County. In North Carolina, protective services are provided by the local department of social services for children from birth to age 18 who are suspected of being abused or neglected by a parent or caretaker.

Every adult in North Carolina has a legal obligation to report suspected child abuse or neglect. Child abuse rarely stops without intervention. By reporting suspected child abuse or neglect, you can help a family get the help they need. Abused children may carry the trauma of abuse throughout their lives unless treatment, assistance and support are provided.

If you make a report, you are immune from criminal or legal liability if the report is made in good faith. You may make a report anonymously, but you are encouraged to provide your name and contact information in case additional information is needed later.

Signs of Abuse or Neglect

Factors that May Contribute to Abuse or Neglect

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