By adopting through foster care, you could be the answer for a child who is unable to return to his or her biological family. When children enter foster care, our main goal is to reunite them with their biological parents, but for many (about half of the children currently in the foster care system) this is not possible. Adoption from foster care is the process by which a family like yours provides a forever family for the child in need. Our service area for adoptive parent services includes the counties of Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba.

Family Builders also coordinates infant adoptions when an infant is relinquished to our agency by the birth parent(s) after birth. The waiting period for families who are only interested in infant adoption will be longer due to the limited number of infants relinquished each year.

If you are interested in adoption and want to learn more, please attend one of our monthly information meetings.Completing this short, online orientation and printing and/or emailing a completion certificate is required prior to the first interview for an interested family. We also must make a copy of your valid photo ID prior to your first interview.

For already licensed foster and adoptive families, this website provides online training that can count towards continuing education training credit.

Post-Adoption Resources