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  • Cynthia Eades
  • (828) 465-8383
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  • Main Location:25 Government Drive Newton, NC 28658

Department Staff

Responsible for overall mission and direction of the Human Resources department. Consults and advises County employees on HR policies, benefits and human relations matters to ensure fairness, consistency and appropriate due process. Works to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, as well as local ordinance. Provides organizational development opportunities for County employees.

Cynthia Eades
Human Resources Director
(828) 465-8253

Provides customer service assistance to employees and citizens and administrative support for HR staff. Completes employment verifications, coordinates recreational ticket sales and bilingual skills testing. Responsible for personnel records management.

Cathy Jones
Administrative Asst. II
(828) 465-8383

Provides assistance with all benefits provided to employees, including paid leave, health care, retirement planning, medical leave and short/long-term disability benefits. Coordinates biweekly new employee orientation program. Processes new hire enrollments, terminations and payroll changes.

Amy McDonald
Program Manager/Supervisor
(828) 465-8225

Paulette Smyre
Human Resources Specialist
(828) 465-8496

Martia Vang
Human Resources Specialist
(828) 465-8902

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Manages position classification and compensation for County positions. Responsible for conducting annual classification study, processing reclassification requests, reclassifying newly created positions and developing and maintaining job specs. Responsible for annual departmental budget.

Tyler Garrison
Human Resources Consultant
(828) 465-8252

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Assists departments with recruitment functions including advertising of vacancies, processing of applications, interviewing, reference checks and pre-employment screenings.

Cee Lee
Human Resources Specialist

Angie Triplett
Sr. Human Resources Consultant
(828) 465-8265

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Administers the County's risk program including safety, insurance administration/claims processing, recordkeeping, consultation with departments, safety training and OSHA compliance.

Susan Matheson
Sr. Human Resources Consultant
(828) 465-8480

Provides support in areas of workers compensation, general liability and safety. Coordinates training programs, including defensive driving, blood borne pathogens, OSHA updates and fire safety.

Kristen Keener
Administrative Asst. II
(828) 465-8256

Manages the operations of the County’s health clinic, Employee Health Connection, and works with contract medical staff to develop and promote wellnessinitiatives.

Amy McDonald
Program Manager
(828) 465-8225