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Curbside Voting at the Polls

In any election, if any voter is able to travel to the voting place, but because of age or physical disability and physical barriers encountered at the voting place is unable to enter the voting enclosure to vote in person without physical assistance, that voter will be allowed to vote in the vehicle conveying that voter.

Curbside voting is available at all North Carolina voting sites during the one-stop absentee voting period and on election day. Voting sites will have signage indicating curbside voting and may also have a curbside alert system. An election official will come to the vehicle to obtain the voter’s name and address. Before a ballot is issued to a curbside voter, the voter must swear an oath affirming his or her qualification to use curbside voting.

The Curbside Oath

The Curbside Official will adminster the following oath before a ballot is issued to the voter.

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am a registered voter in _________ precinct. That because of age or physical disability, I am unable to enter the voting place to vote in person without physical assistance. That I desire to vote outside the voting place or enclosure. I understand that a false statement as to my condition will be a violation of North Carolina law.