County government facilities and libraries are closed Thurs., November 26 and Fri., November 27 for the Thanksgiving holiday. County parks will reopen Friday, November 27 through the weekend. Visit here for landfill and convenience center holiday hours.

Information Requests

List of Registered Voters

For a Microsoft Excel list of all active and inactive voters in Catawba County, send an email request to: Information about each voter includes name, physical address, mailing address, phone number, jurisdictions, and age at year end. Note that phone numbers optionally provided by voters at the time of registration and may no longer be accurate.

Detailed Lists

Information Request Form

If you require specific information concerning Catawba County voters, candidates, or election results, please email a request
Requests for information that extends outside of Catawba County should be sought via the State Board of Elections.

Data Formats

  • Printable reports are available in PDF format
  • Excel formats are available (.XLSX)
  • Comma Seperated Value (.CSV) files may be imported into Microsoft Excel or other database programs
  • other types of formats may be available upon request

Conveyance Methods

  • A link to an EXCEL file of Catawba County voters is available by sending an email request to:
  • Reports under 10MB may be sent as an attachment in an email at no charge
  • A CD of all Active and Inactive Catawba County voters (including their past 10 year voter history) is available for purchase ($25) with advance notice
  • Mailing labels are available at $1.00 per page
  • Printouts are available at $0.10 per page

Protected Information

Voter data will NOT include

  • Birth dates (however, data can include the age the voter will be turning in the current year)
  • Drivers License numbers
  • Social Security numbers
  • Signatures
  • Source of registration form applications