Board Members

By statute, Election Board members are appointed to 2-year terms beginning in July of odd-numbered years
by the State Board of Elections from names submitted by the state's Democratic and Republican parties;
the Board Chair is appointed by the Governor.

Catawba County Election Board Members 2021-2022

Barry R. Cheney (Dem)

Hickory, NC
Home Precinct: 39 - Northwest

Board Chair

David Hood (Rep)

Hickory, NC
Home Precinct: 16 - Highland

Board Secretary

Felicia Culbreath-Setzer (Dem)

Newton, NC
Home Precinct: 35 - Sweetwater

Board Member

Thomas Luckadoo (Rep)

Hickory, NC
Home Precinct: 23 - Mountain View 1

Sworn in 5/16/2022

Board Member

Jason White (Dem)

Hickory, NC
Home Precinct: 14 - Oakwood

Board Member
The Board of Elections is the only statutory bi-partisan, quasi-judicial supervisory board
in North Carolina State government. The local Board’s duties are imposed by law
and include the making and issuing of rules, regulations, and instructions,
not inconsistent with law or the rules established by the State Board of Elections,
as it deems necessary for the guidance of election officers and voters.
July 20, 2021: Judge Sherri Elliott administers the oath of office to Board Members.

Jason White, David Hood, The Honorable Sherri W. Elliott, Barry Cheney, J. David Abernethy, Felicia Culbreath-Setzer

Note: J. David Abernethy (Deceased 4/8/2022) replaced by Tommy Luckadoo (sworn in 5/16/2022)

Historical List of Board Members 1930 to Present