Care Management for High Risk Pregnancy (CMHRP)

Care Management for High Risk Pregnancy (CMHRP) promotes healthy pregnancies, both for the mother and developing child, and is specifically developed for high-risk pregnancies. At Catawba County Public Health, social workers and nurses help guide women through their pregnancies and postpartum periods. Their role is to work hand-in-hand with pregnant mothers and their physicians to ensure that babies are born healthy and that their mothers have healthy pregnancies.

To meet risk criteria for inclusion in the program, pregnant women may have a history of pre-term birth, a history of low birth weights, multiple gestations, fetal complications, chronic conditions that may complicate pregnancy, a history of tobacco or other substance abuse, or have missed two or more prenatal appointments.

Care Management for High Risk Pregnancy (CMHRP) Care Managers focus on helping pregnant women identify their needs, make a plan to address them, and work closely with patients and their physicians. Care Managers also help arrange transportation to appointments.

Care Managers can also assist women who are currently receiving prenatal services outside of Catawba County, as long as the patient is a Catawba County resident and meets risk criteria and other eligibility requirements.

To determine eligibility, call (828) 695-5800.