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Gun Permits

The Catawba County Sheriff’s Office reminds citizens of the proper and safe use and storage of firearms. If you see a gun:

  • Don’t touch it
  • Leave the area
  • Tell a trusted adult
  • Never point a gun (toy or not) at another person

Gun Safety Resources:

North Carolina Gun Laws

The Sheriff’s Office Lobby will be opening up Tuesday May 26th 2020 for business. For social distancing protocols the lobby will be limited to no more than five (5) people at one time.

You may still apply on-line for Handgun Purchase Permits as well as Concealed Handgun Permits. We are now notarizing all Mental Health Release forms in the office. Please use the links below for further instruction.

For Concealed Handgun permits and renewals: : Apply online at the links below. Please follow all instructions, fingerprinting dates for NEW CHP will be scheduled by appointment through Permitium.

A handgun purchase permit application can be filled out online here.

Please apply at the link above and you may upload the needed forms into the system or print them out and bring them with you to the Sheriff’s Office once your application is completed.

*We must have all of these forms completed and notarized before we are able to start the Purchase Permit request.*

Before you can receive a permit, you are required to obtain a Concealed Handgun Safety course certificate. Please see the Concealed Carry Instructors tab on this page for a current list of instructors in the state.

When you are ready to apply, please click here to go to our online Permitium site. You will also complete a Physical and Mental Health Release Form, which authorizes the disclosure to the Sheriff of any record concerning the physical and mental health of the applicant. Once you have completed the on-line application you will be prompted to set a fingerprinting appointment. We will notarize and complete all forms during this appointment.

It is your responsibility to notify the Records Division of any name, address, or phone number changes that occur during the five years of your permit.

You can renew your permit online here. Once your application is completed, please bring all forms to the Sheriff’s Office for notarization.

All forms must be completed and notarized before the renewal request can be completed.

The renewal process takes approximately 90 days.

North Carolina Concealed Carry Instructors
Please note this is a partial list that is subject to change.

James Jude Amelia: (828) 499-9122Bobby Craig: (828) 855-4765
Nolan Beam: (704) 579-0825Chris Champion: (704) 860-9489
Yates Alexander Cobb: (828) 437-1211Gianni Niglio: (828)638-0338
Rex A. Sigmon: (828) 320-4735Keith William Harper (828) 234-3979
Jack Edward Simons: (828) 638-6671Dan H. Tharpe: (828) 217-8424
R. H. Meek Jr.: (828) 446-2416Larry Dwight Willis: (704) 462-1948
Frank Willis Jr.: (828) 328-3606Kevin Marcine Ezell: (704) 483-6723
David Jack Pruitt: (828) 320-4619Jerry Thomas Simmons: (828) 850-7817
Connie Pollard: (828) 640-4260Keith Sigmon: (828) 781-7642