School Resource Officers

Every elementary, middle and high school within the Catawba County Schools system has a Deputy Sheriff assigned as a School Resource Officer with the exception of Maiden High, Maiden Middle and Maiden Elementary which are served by Maiden Police Department. The SRO's serve as mentors & counselors in addition to their law enforcement role. By having a full time deputy assigned to each school they are there on a consistent basis which helps build rapport and relationships with the students and staff. There are also three deputies assigned as School Resource Officers at Catawba Valley Community College, which includes Challenger High School.

The School Resource Officer program has been very successful. The students see the deputies as someone who they can befriend and go to for guidance. A positive relationship with a school resource officer has shown to have a positive affect on a child’s perception of safety at school. The one-on-one relationship between students and officers allows them to solve problems before those problems grow out of control.

In a research study conducted by Captain Fish in 2011, school administrators and resource officers both felt that deputies served as mentors or counselors foremost. Students felt that the deputies were more approachable, because they were in the halls and lunchroom with them. Students associated guidance counselors as part of the school administration, and they are not as likely to go to the office.

If you would like more information, or programs offered by the School Resource Officers, you may call Lt Jody Grindstaff at 828-465-9577, Lt. Eric Page at 828-465-8278 or Sgt. Eric Brown at 828-465-9578 or via email at or and

The School Resource Officers are assigned as follows:

Bandys High School SRO
Deputy Craig Sigmon

Bunker Hill High School SRO
Deputy Taylor Stout

Fred T Foard High School SRO
Deputy Mark Dentel

Roaming K9 Officer
CPL. Jeremy Graham

St. Stephens High School SRO
Deputy Hunter Robinson

Catawba Rosenwald Education Center
Deputy Brandon Lackey

H M Arndt middle School SRO
Deputy Seth Wallace

Jacobs Fork Middle School SRO
Deputy Amber Morris

Riverbend Middle School SRO
Deputy David Coffman

Mill Creek Middle School SRO
Deputy Chad Eades

Mt View Elementary SRO
Deputy Joyce Cline

St Stephens Elementary SRO
Deputy Darren Yang

Catawba Elementary SRO
Deputy Jacob Faltermayer

Balls Creek Elementary SRO
Deputy Brandie Trouille

Lyle Creek Elementary SRO
Deputy Nikki Lineberger

Catawba Valley Community College
Deputy Josh Robertson
828-327-7000 ext 4910

Deputy Shawn Goodnight
828-327-7000 ext 4300

Sgt. Derek Hedrick
828-327-7000 ext 4676

Oxford Elementary SRO
Deputy Toby Daniel

Sherrills Ford Elementary SRO
Deputy Ernest Scaglione

Banoak Elementary SRO
Deputy Adam Hilton

Murray Elementary SRO
Deputy Benjamin Brown

Snow Creek Elementary SRO
Deputy David Fox

Blackburn Elementary SRO
Deputy Allen Carlisle

Clyde Campbell Elementary SRO

Deputy Dale Lail

Claremont Elementary SRO

Deputy Victoria Jolly

Tuttle Elementary SRO
Deputy Matt Rosenbalm

Startown Elementary SRO
Deputy Hannah Roberts