Frequently Asked Questions

Engineering and environmental firms performing environmental or Phase I assessments for a specific property can contact our office by emailing: about fires, hazard chemical spills, environmental clean-ups operations and emergency incidents. Your request for information must be in writing via email.

EMS Management & Consultants, Inc.

PO Box 863 Lewisville, NC 27023

Phone: Toll Free 800.814.5339

Fax: 336.766.1279


Burning permits are available at Emergency Services Monday-Friday during regular business hours. You can also obtain a burning permit online through the NC Forest Services website.

Please do NOT call 9-1-1 Communications to report a power outage. Power outages must be reported to your power provider or municipal utility service. Calling 9-1-1 for power outages delays 9-1-1 operators from helping others with life-threatening emergencies.

  • Duke Energy: 1-800-POWERON or 1-800-769-3766
  • City of Newton Power: 828-695-4310 or after hours call 828-695-4311
  • Town of Maiden Power: 828- 428-5000
  • Energy United: 1-800-EUNITED (1-800-386-4833)
  • Rutherford Electric: 1-800-521-0920 or 828-245-1621

Catawba County Emergency Services provides speakers on a variety of topics including community and family preparedness, tornado planning and drills, what is emergency preparedness, fire safety, staying safe in your home, Hands Only CPR and overviews of what we do or recent disasters. We frequently work with scout troops to meet the requirements for merit badges. Please call (828) 465-8230 for assistance with your request.

The decision on which shelter(s) to open is made based on the specifics of each different emergency. Not all shelters are opened every time Catawba County decides to open a shelter. If the emergency threat is in a specific area, we would open a shelter as close as possible to that area but out of danger. Listen to local TV and radio during an emergency when you think you need shelter to find out where the nearest open shelter is.

You should call 9-1-1 immediately when you discover a chemical or fuel spill. Our 911 Communications Center can be reached by calling 9-1-1 or (828) 464-3112.

Annual Tier II reports, RMP, new facilities and updates filed to meet the requirements of Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act for both Catawba County and the State of North Carolina must be filed electronically through E-Plan’s Online Tier II Reporting System. Paper copies are not necessary for Catawba County, the LEPC or the State of North Carolina. If your company requires verification, you may email our Emergency Management Coordinator at