EMS Teams

The Leadership Team consists of the EMS Manager, EMS Operations Officer, EMS Training Officer, EMS Community Engagment Specialist, Shift Supervisors, Crew Chiefs, and Chief Trainers. This team oversees all EMS operations and personnel to ensure quality service delivery to our citizens.

Consisting of the Training Officer, the Chief Trainers, and the Field Training Officers, this vital team assures that all Catawba County EMS employees are trained to the highest standards possible. They evaluate employees on their medical skills, conduct the new employee training program, lead quarterly training sessions, and are instrumental in developing new protocols and procedures.

The Special Events Team provides an EMS presence at large-crowd events, such as festivals, sporting events, etc. This team can provide bike medics, golf carts, and aid stations inside any crowd perimeter. For information on using the Special Events team for your event, contact Andy Wright or complete our online request form.

A SMAT III Team is the first line of response to support local agencies across the state in the event of a decontamination event or mass medical care event. SMAT III teams can be activated to provide rapid victim decontamination and mass casualty medical care on a local, regional, or statewide level. Our Catawba County teams have been deployed to hurricanes, floods, and other disasters throughout the state.

The Injury Prevention Team works to decrease the occurrences of injuries through public education. We have programs for both child and adult injury prevention. For more information, contact Melanie Sigmon at (828) 465-1575.

The Public Relations & Marketing Team develops and delivers educational programs to the public, markets our non-traditional programs, and is the recruiting arm of the organization. We present regularly to students of all ages in classroom settings, during career day functions, or at community events. For more information about having EMS personnel speak at your function, contact Melanie Sigmon at (828) 464-1575 or complete our online request form.