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Services & Operations

Catawba County EMS is a county-operated agency. Our division is led by Sylvia Fisher, EMS Manager; Dr. Charles McKaraher, EMS Medical Director; and Bryan Blanton, Emergency Services Director. Catawba County EMS functions under protocols approved by our local EMS Medical Director as well as the state EMS Medical Director.

Catawba County EMS provides 911 response services for medical emergencies. Our employees utilize their skills and knowledge to the fullest extent. Paramedics may choose to consult with an emergency department physician or they may initiate treatments they deem necessary on their own. Forty-four medications, 12-lead EKG interpretation, capnography, adult and pediatric intraosseous line insertion, drug assisted airway management, continuous positive airway pressure therapy, and a wide variety of other procedures are routinely implemented in the care of patients.

If transportation to the hospital is necessary, the patient will be transported to the local hospital of their choice or the closest hospital if the patient condition warrants. Catawba County EMS does not routinely transport to distant out-of-county hospitals from the field. We also provide critical care transports from both of the local hospitals, as well as convalescent transports for bed-bound patients to and from doctor’s appointments.

Catawba County EMS has 11 bases located throughout the county. We operate eight 24-hour units, four prime-time units, and three non-emergency units. Each shift has an on-duty supervisor to coordinate daily operations and respond to calls as needed. All units are staffed by paramedics and are capable of responding to any call.