Fire & Rescue

The Fire and Rescue division works within four core service areas to meet the needs of the community, customers, and the county’s fire departments:

  • Building Plans Review
  • Fire Inspections
  • Fire Investigation
  • Fire Education​

The Fire and Rescue division serves 14 fire departments and 4 rescue squads that operate in Catawba County.

Our staff support disaster operations, coordinate the hazardous materials response team, and test and certify fire department equipment.

Additionally, we perform routine fire inspections on commercial occupancies, schools, daycares and foster homes. Inspection responsibilities include issuing permits on 29 different areas, including above-ground and underground tank installation and removal, fireworks, blasting, tent structures, and inspections of facilities selling alcoholic beverages.

Fire investigations require our staff to determine the cause and origin of a fire in order to better educate and protect the public from the dangers of fire and possibly prevent repeat occurrences. If a fire is determined to be suspicious or the result of arson, a full investigation is done by certified fire scene investigators to determine the circumstances surrounding the fire and work through the courts to bring the fire setter to justice.

Our staff regularly provide fire prevention and life safety education for day care facilities, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels/motels, businesses, and general industry. We also support training programs at the Catawba County Firefighter’s Museum.

Contact Us: (828) 465-8230

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