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STEAM: Weather-Forecasting Rocks

STEAM: Weather-Forecasting Rocks

Published: April 15, 2021

Do you have a kid who’s fascinated by weather and likes to know the science behind forecasts and meteorology reports?

We’ll help provide answers to that curiosity with our upcoming STEAM program focused on simple, weather-related experiments that you can complete using basic household materials. Exploring nature, science, and art together is especially fun through these hands-on activities!

To sign up, families can visit and begin collecting the materials needed: a large rock, rope, and items to decorate the rock, like crayons, waterproof markers, and paint pens.

Then, we’ll all come together via Zoom at 4 pm on Thursday, April 22 to see how to assemble everything and to learn about the weather! The program is recommended for children 4 and older.