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My Pet Dragon: Pen Pal Club

My Pet Dragon: Pen Pal Club

Published: June 03, 2021

Who doesn’t want to write to a dragon?! Can you imagine all the fun things you’d talk about?

If your child would like the opportunity to share their thoughts with the library’s pet dragon – and get answers to lots of questions they might have – let them know that the Conover Branch will be hosting a dragon for its writer-in-residence this summer.

All the child has to do is write a letter to the dragon and drop it off at the Conover Branch (403 Conover Station SE). In about a week’s time, the dragon will have a response ready that the child can pick up and enjoy!

*As of the date of this post, the dragon is still being named, and anyone can cast a ballot at the Conover Branch through Friday, June 4 to vote for their preferred name. The community-chosen name will be announced on Saturday, June 5, and afterwards, kids can address their letters to the dragon directly.