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Making Elephant Toothpaste

Making Elephant Toothpaste

Published: March 11, 2020

Have you seen an elephant’s toothpaste?

If not, be ready to be amazed. It’s as big as you’d imagine and quite easy to make!

Children are invited to our hands-on STEAM program, where we’ll use simple materials to explore scientific concepts like chemical reactions, biological agents, catalysts, and surface tension. We’ll start with hydrogen peroxide and then manipulate it with dry yeast and dishwashing liquid to control what happens when different substances come together.

The result of all this tweaking is a foamy concoction that looks like it would be perfect for an elephant to brush her teeth with (even though it’s not)!

To drive the science lesson home, we’ll also be exploring how yeast contributes to the spongy texture of homemade soft pretzels. And yes, we’ll be doing a taste test to emphasize the point!

The program takes place at 11 am on Saturday, March 21 at the Maiden Branch Library.