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Library Giving Day Offers Opportunity to Support Your Library and Build Community

Library Giving Day Offers Opportunity to Support Your Library and Build Community

Published: April 20, 2020

Communities nationwide are celebrating National Library Week (April 19-25, 2020), acknowledging that public libraries actively support quality of life in tangible, life-changing ways. Across the country, more than 9,000 public libraries are available to residents on a daily basis, and they all share two common traits: they’re accessible to everyone and there’s no cost to use the library itself.

The influence that U.S. libraries have in the communities they serve is profound, and the numbers back up that positive influence:

  • 100% offer access to the Internet
  • Nearly 100% offer free WiFi and computer use
  • 73% assist with job applications and interviewing skills
  • 68% help people use databases to find jobs
  • 48% provide entrepreneurs with business information
  • 36% offer work space for mobile workers
  • 77% offer online health resources
  • 59% provide programs for finding health insurance
  • 95% provide online homework help and summer reading programs

Locally, the Catawba County Library builds on these programs and offers a wealth of others to support early childhood literacy, career and job development, technology tutoring, digital resources, research assistance, WiFi and laptop lending, and personal enrichment. Initiatives in the arts, K-64, health and wellness, and gardening – along with community partnerships to bolster the reach of these initiatives – further the library’s ability to empower residents with the essential tools and support they need.

This National Library Week, for the first time, the Catawba County Library is participating in Library Giving Day. The one-day event, observed on Thursday, April 23, invites people to make a donation of any amount to the Library Endowment, a permanent fund that ensures library services and resources will continue to empower lives and build community for future generations, especially during challenging times. To be part of this powerful initiative and show support for the ongoing work of the library, give now at the Library Giving Day page.