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Let's Get Organized: Paperwork Edition

Let's Get Organized: Paperwork Edition

Published: February 11, 2021

If you’re constantly overwhelmed by mail and other paperwork and can’t seem to get a grasp on reining it in, the Catawba County Library is hosting a program to help you take control.

The second installment in the library’s ‘Let’s Get Organized’ series focuses solely on tackling the stacks of paper that people seem to accumulate on their kitchen counters, desktops, coffee tables, and bedroom dressers. The session will take place live on Zoom at 4 pm on Friday, February 19. To participate, register in advance at or by calling 828.465.8665.

Library staff will share strategies to help people deal with mail, receipts, statements, and other types of paper that turn up around the house. They’ll offer a variety of practical approaches and will help participants identify the ones that best fit their own needs and practices. There’s no one-size-fits-all technique that makes sense for everyone, so knowing how you want to tackle and organize incoming items will help you make strategic changes and get a handle on the clutter.

Staff will also share useful information to diminish the anxiety about how long you should keep certain types of paperwork. They’ll talk about the time frames you should observe for holding on to utility bills, bank statements, tax records, and more. Knowing why you would have to go back to reference a statement will help you understand when you can safely discard it.

Participants will learn about how to keep personal information secure when throwing documents away, including when and where to shred paperwork. Opting out of receiving certain types of items, like financial prospectuses and credit card offers, can also help keep paperwork manageable.

Since the Zoom session is interactive, participants are encouraged to share tips they’ve discovered or found useful to lessen the stress and maintenance of paperwork.