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Homework Helpers Wrap Up Another Successful Year

Homework Helpers Wrap Up Another Successful Year

Published: June 10, 2022

Our Homework Helpers program had another successful year. This year we provided 417 tutoring sessions in total. With the assistance of 13 volunteers, we were able to improve the reading, writing, and math skills of 30 students. Homework Helpers has been a program of mutual empowerment. Not only have the students benefited from this program but the tutors have as well. For example, one of our tutors who, after gaining confidence in our program, has been hired to provide private tutoring sessions!

An outstanding story from the Homework Helpers program: After taking a few tutoring sessions, one of the students was able to pass his math class and be part of his school's Honor Roll. His mom contacted us to let us know that because of his good grades, her son had received a $250 award from the school! He then offered half of his prize to the tutor to thank him for all the help he gave him this year. While the tutor declined, this is a great example of how this is a program of mutual empowerment!  


Enjoy some pictures from the Homework Helpers Wrap Up party below: