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Discover the Care & Feeding of the Venus Flytrap

Discover the Care & Feeding of the Venus Flytrap

Published: April 15, 2021

Did you know that certain plants have killer instincts? And that Eastern North Carolina is one of the few native homes of the insect-eating Venus flytrap?

The Catawba County Library will showcase these rare and unusual specimens in an adult program that introduces carnivorous plants and explores their remarkable feeding habits. It takes place via Zoom at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, April 20 and is free and open to the public.

Master gardener and retired pharmacist Tad Adams will offer fascinating details about the care and keeping of the Venus flytrap. When maintained as a houseplant, it requires special conditions that mimic its original habitat, so Adams will talk about watering needs, appropriate pots to house it, and the kinds of insects the plant prefers.

To register for the Zoom program, visit or call 828.465.8665. Kits with a live Venus flytrap will be available from the library while supplies last. People can also purchase specimens legally from big-box garden centers and from wholesale gardeners.

Adams, who owns and cares for more than 500 carnivorous plants, will highlight their beauty by displaying examples from his own collection, including pitcher plants, sundews, and butterworts. He’ll also explain why they evolved to capture and feed on insects.