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Discover 3-D Design and Printing with Tinkercad

Discover 3-D Design and Printing with Tinkercad

Published: February 25, 2021

If you’ve been curious about 3-D printing but aren’t entirely sure what the technology is used for, join the Catawba County Library for two upcoming classes that will help unravel the mystery.

The first, Introduction to Tinkercad, will take place live via Zoom at 4 pm on Wednesday, March 3. Tinkercad is a form of computer-assisted design (CAD) software that can be used to produce simple sculptures in three dimensions – depth, width, and height. Thanks to Tinkercad’s free collection of digital tools, participants can easily create 3-D designs by simply dragging and dropping shapes.

Tinkercad software is simple enough for beginners to feel comfortable using, but it’s also versatile enough to turn out more complex models. Many teachers, children, students, hobbyists, and designers rely on it for quick, easy-to-manage projects.

During the library’s introductory class, participants will learn how to set up an account, complete online tutorials, produce basic designs, share and print designs, and discover other Tinkercad tools. They’ll also learn about some of the ways that library patrons have made use of the software, like generating items for a Christmas light display, reproducing pieces for a model train, and replicating broken parts for toys and figurines.

To register for the class and receive the Zoom link, visit or call 828.465.8665. An email address is required to create a Tinkercad account, and parental consent and an email are required for participants under 13 years of age.

The library’s second 3-D design class, Tinkercad: Lucky Charm Designs, will take place live via Zoom at 4 pm on Wednesday, March 10. In it, participants will get a general overview of the software’s capabilities before being shown how a series of premade designs was created using specific shapes and elements. Afterwards, they’ll have the opportunity to make their own designs or dabble in the software to gain more familiarity.

Participants who wish to print one of the readymade charms – or something they’ve created themselves – will be given information about forwarding files to the 3-D printer at the Newton Library, along with costs related to various filaments and item sizes.

Registration details are the same as for the Introduction to Tinkercad class.