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Come Along as We Center & Venture

Come Along as We Center & Venture

Published: April 22, 2021

Do you appreciate the calming influence that nature has on your mood? Are you eager to get back outside after a long week of work and family obligations?

The library is partnering with Dr. George Place, director of the Cooperative Extension and a certified personal trainer and tai chi instructor. Twice-monthly, he’s inviting people to join him at one of the county’s parks for a two-part session of gentle exercise. For the first 30 minutes, he’ll be leading tai chi movements (the ‘Center’ part). Afterwards, he’ll accompany participants on an hour-long hike (the ‘Venture’ part).

These events are designed to be a one-two punch to help people improve their health and feel more at peace. Enjoying physical activity in an outdoor setting is an age-old technique for coping with stress and achieving more personal contentment.

Center & Venture is suitable for all fitness levels and will take place next from 9:30-11 am at Riverbend Park (6700 NC Hwy 16, Conover) on Saturday, April 24. To register and complete the required waiver, please visit In the event of rain, the outing will be cancelled.

Next month’s sessions will take place on Tuesday, May 11 from 3-4:30 pm at Riverbend Park (6700 NC Hwy 16, Conover) and Saturday, May 29 from 9:30-11 am at Bakers Mountain Park (6680 Bakers Mountain Rd, Hickory).