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Catawba County 101

Published: June 01, 2024

MAKING. LIVING. BETTER: Facility Services

What is its mission/purpose?
Facility Services oversees the construction and maintenance of Catawba County buildings and facilities located throughout the county. Additionally, the department maintains the County’s fleet of vehicles and administers county owned property.

How do you achieve your mission – what services are offered? 
We are divided into 4 main divisions that help us do our jobs manage over $230 million worth of assets, 1 million square feet of buildings, hundreds of properties, 535 vehicles, and various active construction projects.

  • Building Management – Ensuring the proper maintenance, safety, occupant satisfaction and preventative maintenance of all county buildings and properties which include over $230 million worth of assets and over 1 million square feet of buildings.
  • Fleet Management – Ensuring the safety and servicing of approximately 535 active vehicles owned by Catawba and some external partners with only 4 full-time employees.
  • Construction Management – Project design and oversight of various new construction or renovation of County owned facilities while forming partnerships with internal customers, designers and contractors that result in innovative, cost-effective, and quality construction, that leads to “on budget and on schedule” projects that meet our customers’ expectations in a safe environment. 
  • Land Management – Purchase, manage, and ensure safety and security of all vacant or occupied County property.

Who does this department/service area/program serve? 
Facility Services is one of the only County departments that works almost exclusively with County employees. All County employees that occupy an office space within County property or drive a County-owned vehicle, are affected by the services that Facility Services provides. 

How and where are services delivered?
A lot of what we do is done behind the scenes without any staff having to request it but if a staff member has any kind of building maintenance need or an issue with their vehicle, they can put in a work order for Building Management or stop by the Fleet Management facility and one of our friendly techs will be happy to help.

How many staff members are involved in delivering services?

  • Facility Services has a total of 17 employees
  • Building Management – 11
  • Fleet Management – 4
  • Construction Management – 1
  • Administration - 2

How does our community and/or organization benefit from these services?
Facility Services is essential to ensuring that all County employees have a safe and comfortable environment to work in whether that is their office or their vehicle. With our team working hard daily to make sure all of our facilities and assets across the county are in good working order we strive ensure that we can minimize any kind of loss in productivity of other county departments.

Please share anything unique or interesting about this program you would want people to know. 
Did you know that Facility Services is in charge of maintaining street signs outside of the municipalities?