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Catawba County 101: Emergency Services

Catawba County 101: Emergency Services

Published: November 16, 2023

Briefly describe the area you are spotlighting. What is its mission/purpose?
Catawba County Emergency Services is responsible for planning and responding to all hazards – natural, manmade and medical emergencies. Additionally, we manage emergency communications through our 911 Communications Center, provide Animal Control in all unincorporated areas of the county and some municipalities, and assist veterans and their dependents in obtaining benefits and service from the Veterans Administration.

How do you achieve your mission – what services are offered?
Emergency Services achieves our mission by serving our community however we are needed. Starting with the 911 call, we are there through the end of the emergency.

Who does this department/service area/program serve?
Emergency Services serve all Catawba County citizens and visitors. Our division includes Emergency Management, 911 Communications, Animal Services, Fire & Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, and Veterans Services.

How many staff members are involved in delivering services? 
Emergency Services has both full-time and hourly employees. That number varies but is around 240.

How does our community and/or organization benefit from these services?
When something goes wrong in someone’s life, that’s typically when they encounter Emergency Services. All the divisions carry their own specialty and we all try our best to help improve the quality of your life. We are truly here for you!

Last year Emergency Services ran the following:

  • Emergency Management Scene calls - 36
  • EMS Calls - 33,868
  • Animal Control scene calls - 4,000
  • Fire Marshall scene Calls - 1,600 inspections/140 investigations
  • Veterans served - 5,600 (phone calls and appointments)
  • 911 Calls - 94,000