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4 Reasons to Join a Book Club and 4 Book Clubs You Might Like

4 Reasons to Join a Book Club and 4 Book Clubs You Might Like

Published: December 10, 2021

As a library we're legally(ish) obligated to love book clubs, and we encourage you to join one. Here are 4 reasons to join a book club!

Reason 1. Motivation to read the books in your TBR pile. 

It’s somewhat implied that you’ll read the book before coming to book club and what's the best motivation? A little friendly peer pressure.


Reason 2. You can pretend to be your favorite character that always has their nose buried in a book. 

Feels fancy, doesn’t it?  


Reason 3. Making friends that won’t judge you for acting like the characters are real people. 

This is the kind of support we need. Pass the tissues and snacks. 


Reason 4. Reading something you normally would not. 

You might even learn something new. 


You know what we have here at the library? You guessed it, BOOK CLUBS! Here are 4 book clubs you might enjoy!

1. St. Stephens Themed-Based Book Club

Gather with fellow book lovers at the St. Stephens Branch and discuss books based around a common theme. Although this is an in-person event, patrons can still utilize the Facebook group for updates, book lists, and ongoing discussion by following this link:


2. Mystery Mavens Book Club

The Mystery Mavens book club welcomes new members and is open to the public, even if you haven’t read the book. The book club will meet in-person at the Sherrills Ford-Terrell Branch Library. New members are always welcome. 


3. Piece of Cake Book Club

Selecting a diverse range of works and authors, we’re gathering to chat at the Whisk & Barrel in downtown Newton. Readers are welcome to suggest titles for 2022 at


4. Books Between Friends Book Club

Returning in January 2022, The Books Between Friends Book Club will be meeting at the Claremont Branch to discuss a wide variety of titles. New members are always welcome.


Book Clubs are a fun way to meet new people, and new books! Book clubs provide a space for conversation and expanding horizons and snacks. Book clubs give you a reason to step away from the real world a bit. Book Clubs are as cool as beans. 

We’ll see you at book club!