Business Personal Property

All businesses are required by North Carolina General Statute 105-308 to list business personal property. The listing must be filed in January to avoid a late listing penalty.

Extensions for listing personal property may be granted for good cause by the County Assessor up to April 15th upon a timely request. The request for extension to list must be made before the end of the regular listing period, January 31st. Extension requests may be mailed to: PO Box 368, Newton NC 28658 or emailed to Faxed extension requests are NOT accepted.

Emailed extension request should be on company letterhead and should include a “good cause” reason and the abstracts number(s) for the business or businesses. You may also file your request for extension using the below fillable form.

Business Personal Listing Form

Business Personal Listing Extension Form

All property used in connection with the operation and production of income that has not been classified as real.

Any individual or business owning or possessing personal property used with a business or other income-producing purpose on January 1. The listing form must be completed by January 31 unless you have been granted an extension. Requests for extension must be made in writing and received by the Catawba County Tax Department on or before January 31.

  • Historical Cost: The cost of the asset when originally purchased new. The net book value should not be used to report business personal property. Original purchase cost with no depreciation deducted should be reported. The County will depreciate these original cost amounts based on the year acquired and the current Cost Index & Depreciation Schedules provided by the NC Department of Revenue in order to arrive at the proper assessed value.
  • Original Year Acquired: The year that the asset was purchased.

Additional Business Related FAQs

Yes. Business names need to be recorded with the Register of Deeds, and it is recommended that you do this before applying for a Privilege/Business license. If you are using your name in association with the business it still needs to be recorded. This is considered a Doing Business As (DBA) name and registering it will protect your business name.

No. However please contact the Business Tax Collections at 828-465-8414 to inquire about specific requirements needed in order to obtain a Privilege/Business License.

No. The North Carolina Department of Revenue issues a state sales tax number which allows you to buy wholesale and sell retail whereas a Federal ID number is entirely different. For sales tax number information, please contact the North Carolina Department of Revenue at 877-252-3052. For Federal ID number information, please contact the Federal Information Center at 1-800-829-4933.

Before the Tax Collector can issue a Beer & Wine License, you must obtain an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) permit issued to the business by the State of North Carolina. To begin the permitting process, please contact the State -Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) Division at 919-710-8885.

Click on the button above for Business Personal Listing Form or contact the Business Personal Property Office at 828-465-8406.

Please contact the Business Personal Property Office at 828-465-8406.

The listing deadline is January 31st unless an extension is granted. If a listing extension is needed, please send a formal request to the Business Personal Property Office before January 31. The mailing address is: Business Personal Property Listing, PO Box 368, Newton, NC 28658.

Bills are based on business listings as of January 1st. You are responsible for the taxes for that year. When you receive a listing form the following January, you will need to fill out the section labeled "IF OUT OF BUSINESS", sign, date and return the form to the tax assessor's office.

Please contact the Business Personal Property Office at 828-465-8406.