Foreclosure Sales

Sale of Real Property

Parcel Owner



Auction Date

Starting Bid

Case #

Laura Moose

225 Foxwood Dr,

Maiden 28650

10563May 7th, 2021$9,243.6719-CVD-2602
Leonard M Fisher

1226 Misty Ln,

Hickory 28601

402700May 7th, 2021$20,605.5318-CVD-2104
Kimberly F Saine

1421 16th Ave NE,

Hickory 28601

40865May 7th, 2021


Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance, Inc

4572 W Bandys Cross Rd,

Claremont 28610

23201May 7th, 2021$2,465.9719-CVD-454
The HADs of Ronald Dean Raybon

2828 N Olivers Cross Rd,

Newton 28658

3671May 7th, 2021$6,621.2717-CVD-666
Clifford A Burton, Jr

26 7th Ave SE,

Hickory 28602

25110May 7th, 2021$22,044.3118-CVD-2439
David L JonesNewton 2865892277May 7th, 2021$4,090.5417-CVD-2978
Hue Yang

1665 Eckard Rd,

Conover 28613

54786May 7th, 2021$5116.9119-CVD-3202
Cherie Lynn Clark

3878 Setzer St,

Claremont 28610

60119May 7th, 2021$7,232.3820-CVD-712
Three Acres, IncConover 2861357045May 7th, 2021$11,705.6320-CVD-1292
Martha Joy Hodges

411 8th St NW,

Hickory 28601

20555May 7th, 2021$31,831.4718-CVD-2379
Mildred A Mays a/k/a Miki Mays

1042 20th St NE,

Hickory 28601

46881May 7th, 2021$14,197.6920-CVD-1295
Brittany Michelle Rainey

2972 Denwood Dr,

Claremont 28610

404114May 7th, 2021$4,629.8718-CVD-514

Deborah Louise Miller Payne a/k/a Deborah Miller Price

210 S 5th Ave,

Maiden 28650

3241May 7th, 2021$9,290.7820-CVD-1999
F & F Enterprises

16th Ave SE,

Conover 28613

57283May 7th, 2021$9,511.7417-CVD-1764
F & F Enterprises

16th Ave SE,

Conover 28613

57284May 7th, 2021$10,460.1817-CVD-1764
F & F EnterprisesConover 2861357282May 7th, 2021$9,782.6717-CVD-1764
F & F Enterprises

16th Ave SE,

Conover 28613

57286May 7th, 2021$2,890.9417-CVD-1764
Donald Blankenship

3778 Dericas Ct,

Claremont 28610

402047May 7th, 2021$3,924.9518-CVD-169
Ikon Investments

3rd St SE,

Hickory 28602

28820May 7th, 2021$6,144.5320-CVD-1500
Exprezit! Convenience Stores

910 1st Ave SW,

Hickory 28602

26144May 7th, 2021$17,265.4717-CVD-620
Marion Marshall Benfield

602 N Davis Ave,

Newton 28658

18586May 7th, 2021$5,539.2120-CVD-711
Reita C Propst

5304 Lisa Ln,

Hickory 28602

62666May 7th, 2021$8,678.0620-CVD-1321
Jamey B Nixon

Hope Rd,

Vale 28168

700835May 7th, 2021$4,286.9918-CVD-3331
Lakenorth Properties, Inc

819 15th Ave Cir SE,

Hickory 28602

42239May 7th, 2021$4,232.9218-CVD-3306

Catawba County Tax Collector’s foreclosures are performed by Zacchaeus Legal Services (ZLS) pursuant to North Carolina General Statute §105-374.

General Information

All sales are conducted on the front steps of the Catawba County Justice Center at 100 Government Drive, Newton, North Carolina. Sales start at 12:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Please note that a cash deposit of 20% of the highest bid is required immediately upon conclusion of the sale at the courthouse. In addition, the successful bidder will be required to pay the balance of the purchase price, as well as the recording fees and revenue stamps assessed by the County Register of Deeds, before the sale is confirmed.

State law provides that any owner, mortgage holder or defendant in a filed tax foreclosure proceeding can stop the foreclosure process at any time by redeeming the property. The redemption price is equal to the taxes, interest fees and costs of the foreclosure proceeding to the date of the redemption.

Bids are left open for upset bids ten days after sale date. If you are the highest bidder at the public auction and an upset bid is received within ten days, you will be notified by the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office that an upset bid has been received. You will then have the option to place a higher bid. Any upset bids must be made in person at the Catawba County Clerk of Superior Court.

Upset Bid Process

Pursuant to G.S. 1-339.64, real property sales must remain open for a period of ten days after the filing of the report of sale to allow for the filing of an upset bid. The upset bid must exceed the reported sale price by 5%, but not less than a minimum increase amount of $750.00. The upset bid must be delivered to the Catawba County Clerk of Superior Court in the form of a certified bank check payable to the Catawba County Clerk of Superior Court, and must be filed with the Catawba County Clerk of Superior Court before the close of normal business hours on or before the tenth day after the filing of the report of sale. When the tenth day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, legal holiday, or other day where the office of the Clerk is not open for regular business, the deposit may be made on the first day afterward that the office is open for regular business. Questions concerning placing an upset bid should be directed to the Catawba County Clerk of Superior Court, Civil Records Division at (828) 695-6100. Please inform them that you are calling regarding a tax foreclosure.