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Funds Available for Cooling-Related Crises

Funds Available for Cooling-Related Crises

Published: July 12, 2019

With temperatures on the rise this summer, households experiencing a cooling-related crisis may apply for financial assistance from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ Crisis Intervention Program (CIP).

Households may qualify for CIP assistance if they have received a disconnect notice for their primary cooling source; do not have timely and appropriate assistance available from another source; and do not have the resources to meet the expense. Qualifying guidelines also consider medical risk, age of residents, and certain situations associated with excessively high temperatures in the home.

Households are eligible to apply if they have not exceeded the maximum limit for CIP assistance, which is $600 per household from July 2019 through June 2020. All payments are made directly to the vendor.

Households must apply in the county where they live and provide the disconnect notice for their cooling, a picture ID, a Social Security card or number for everyone in the household, and income and resource information for everyone in the household.

Catawba County residents may apply for CIP assistance at Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry (ECCCM), located at 245 East N Street in Newton. Greenway Public Transit Route 3 has a sheltered stop near ECCCM and also offers dial-a-ride service which can be reserved three businesses days in advance by calling (828) 464-9444.

For more information, call Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry at (828) 465-1702.