Genealogy & Local History

Catawba County, formed in 1842, is an important cultural and historic area into which many early Germans, Scotch-Irish and English emigrants settled. Some of their descendants are still living in Catawba County today, while others stayed for only a few generations, moving onward to settle elsewhere in North Carolina or in other states such as Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri.

Our main focus is on the compilation of information and materials about the people and history of Catawba County, which also includes records from the surrounding counties and materials that can aid a researcher in tracing ancestors before their arrival in North Carolina. Materials containing genealogical information from Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee are a valuable part of the collection.

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More Genealogy Information

History of the Catawba County Library

In 1932, a group of county residents determined that local people would benefit greatly from the resources of a community library. In 1935, a site to house the new library was located, and in 1936, following a public drive for book donations, the facility was stocked and opened...

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