**NEW**  You can now file your ABN (Assume Business Name/Assume Name) ELECTRONICALLY!

Assumed Business Names

Most Register of Deeds offices will have needed forms for filing of an Assumed Name. Once form is properly completed we will be glad to record with said recording fee noted below. We only handle the filing of such documents which consist of sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations doing business under an Assumed Name. North Carolina statutes state the one must file an Assumed Name prior to engaging business in any county within the State if such business is going to be conducted under an Assumed name. Below you will find ONLY a guideline - additional forms may be required.

  • To file ABN electronically Click HERE

Assumed Business Names can be electronically filed now through our Get Certificate Now vendor Courthouse Computer Systems. This does not replace eRecording for eRecording submitters. Instead, this is a way for the general public to electronically submit Assumed Business Name Certificates from their bank or from the convenience of their home or business.

Our vendor charges a $15.00 convenience fee to electronically file an Assumed Business and it costs $26.00 to record an Assumed Business Name Certificate. The total charge would be $41.00 to file an Assumed Business Name electronically through Get Certificate Now.

A hold is placed on your credit card when the Assumed Business Name is filed and your credit card is charged once the recording is complete.

Currently, only Assumed Business Names can be filed through Get Certificate Now. Assumed Business Name Withdrawals or Amendments must be presented in person, through the mail, or through an eRecording account.

Emails confirming the status of a filing are sent to the filer as it moves through the process. Additionally, if the Assumed Business Name filing is rejected, a rejection reason will be sent to the filer in a status update email. The status of an Assumed Business Name filing through Get Certificate Now can also be checked manually on the filing site.

Expiration of Filed Certificates of Assumed Names

North Carolina law requires individuals, limited and general partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and other persons that engage in business in this state under an assumed nameto file a certificate with a register of deeds in a county in which the person or entity will be engaging in business.

Effective December 1, 2017, certificates must comply with content and execution requirements specified in the statutes for a certificate of assumed business name. The requirements are different than they were for a certificate of assumed name recorded under prior law.

Amendments to and withdrawals of certificates of assumed business names also must comply with new content and execution requirements.

Certificates of assumed business names and amendments to and withdrawals of them will be transmitted into a statewide, central database maintained by the NC. Secretary of State, which will be available for searches by the public. A single registration can be effective for multiple counties. The Secretary will maintain a website for this purpose at the North Carolina Secretary of State website.

The Secretary will assign an identification number (SOS ID) to each assumed business name that is recorded, to which amendments and withdrawals must refer.

  • Local Register of Deeds office - FORMS
  • NC Secretary of State - SOS in SECOND drop box pick ASSUMED BUSINESS NAME
  • North Carolina Business Service Center - BLNC
  • CVCC Small Business Center
    (828)327-7000, ext. 4102 or 4117
  • Local library for access to internet (Library Main is located at 115 West C Street, Newton NC)
  • For a webinar on YouTube search WEBINAR – ASSUMED BUSINESS NAME ( https://youtu.be/b-bGbcIg7UQ )

If you are in a town/city limits check with the city or town for required filings

  • Town of Brookford - (828)322-4903
  • Town of Catawba - (828)241-2215
  • City of Claremont - (828)466-7255
  • City of Conover - (828)464-1191
  • City of Hickory - (828)323-7581
  • Town of Long View - (828)322-3921
  • Town of Maiden - (828)428-5000
  • City of Newton - (828)695-4300
  1. Each must meet the NC Standard Document Criteria NCGS §161-14.
  2. Fees
    1. $26 for first 15 pages
    2. $ 4 for each additional page