Septic Systems

Catawba County Environmental Health Specialists (EHS) in the On-Site Wastewater Program work to ensure that septic systems are designed and installed in a way that maintains the health and safety of the public. Preventing septic waste from ending up in the water supply or from seeping to the top of the soil prevents the potential transmission of disease. The On-Site Wastewater program permits and supervises the installation of septic systems where sewer lines are not available so that sewage may be safely disposed of with the least impact on individuals and the environment.

When applying for well or septic system permits read the Application, Evaluation, and Permitting Procedures carefully. Applications cannot be processed until all required information is received.

Applications can be found in our ePermit system. For more information about the ePermits system, visit our Permit Services page.

The fee schedule can be found here.

To apply for a septic system permit:

  • Applications should be submitted using our ePermits system with a permit fee and all required additional information and documents.
  • The septic permit requires that you include a plat or GIS printout of the property with locations of structures (or proposed structures), driveways, rights of way, existing wells or septic systems, streams, gullies, and other features drawn in. For new construction or on vacant lots, properties must be prepared for evaluation by staking and stringing the property lines, the location of any proposed structure, the proposed location of the driveway, and any other structures such as pools, decks, gazebos, etc.
  • You must have zoning approval before your application will be processed.
  • Once the application has been returned and the property is prepared, for evaluation, call the Environmental Health Specialist (EHS) for your area to arrange a visit.
  • Post this sign at the property to be evaluated so the EHS can locate it.
  • The EHS will arrange to visit your property to perform the service for which you have applied. If you are applying for a septic system permit, the EHS will place flags where you must dig holes on the property so the EHS can evaluate your soil.
  • Once the holes are dug, the EHS will return to perform an evaluation.

Request a copy of an existing septic permit here.