Food Safety at Home

Below are some useful links and documents regarding food safety and food establishment regulation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

  • Want to prevent foodborne illness at events with family and friends? The FDA has a simple fact sheet with all the basics, from cooking temperatures to how to clean and store food.
  • Power outages, floods and more can happen at any time. Be prepared. FDA reminds you to "Keep it Safe", with information regarding food safety in an emergency.
  • E Coli is a foodborne disease which can be contracted from many foods. It is a serious, sometimes fatal disease which can be avoided by proper food handling. Learn how to avoid becoming ill with this disease by reading this Information on E Coli.
  • Want to know more about organisms causing foodborne disease? Visit the FDA Bad Bug Book.
  • The USDA Food Safety Inspection Service has an extensive list of links to publications and documents on food safety.
  • The FDA has a page especially for children on food safety.
  • is a gateway to government information on food safety.