Facilities & Lodging

The Food, Lodging and Institution section of the Environmental Health Department is responsible for permitting and inspecting restaurants, food stands, mobile food units, pushcarts, meat markets, elderly nutrition sites, school lunchrooms, school buildings, lodging places, bed and breakfast places, hospitals, rest and nursing homes, child and adult day care, residential care, jails, boarding schools, orphanages, swimming pools, spas, summer camps and tattoo parlors.

Lodging establishments, including hotels, and Bed & Breakfast homes and inns are inspected once per fiscal year by Catawba County Environmental Health. Rules for permitting and inspections can be found here.

Plans for lodging facilities must be submitted to Catawba County Environmental Health prior to construction, along with contact information. The facility must be either hooked up to a public water system or well water. If the facility is connected to well water, then a water sample must be taken prior to opening. Sewage shall be disposed of into either a proper onsite sewage system or public waste water system. If the facility has an onsite sewage system, a tank check is required to ensure that the existing system is sized properly.