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Veterans Helping Veterans

Veterans Helping Veterans

Foothills Veterans Helping Veterans (FVHV) is a local nonprofit that helps veterans and their families access community resources, such as housing, healthcare and employment. Comprised entirely of volunteers, FVHV is co-chaired by Dr. Ric Vandett. With Veterans Day right around the corner, we asked Ric to help us learn more about their efforts to support our neighbors who served.

What is the mission of Foothills Veterans Helping Veterans, and who does it serve?
The vision statement of Foothills Veterans Helping Veterans (FVHV) is “to empower veterans and their families to become independent with dignity.” The FVHV mission statement is “to connect veterans and their families to a network of vital community resources.” We serve all veterans and their families.

What are some of the ways FVHV helps veterans in our area?
FVHV helps veterans find housing and employment. Some of our members work with NCWorks and Veteran Services of the Carolinas, whose responsibilities include finding adequate housing and employment for veterans. FVHV also helps connect veterans to find adequate dental and healthcare.

What are some of your more memorable or meaningful experiences helping veterans through FVHV?
Recently, a veteran came to a FVHV meeting requesting help finding housing. We helped him find housing, and he found a job on his own. He now pastors his own church and regularly offers help to veterans in need. Another veteran heard about our dental program and came to us for help. She was grateful for the help she received and has since become a valuable member of our group. She now directs the dental program for our annual Veterans Stand Down and works for the Veterans Services of the Carolinas finding housing for veterans.

What is the Foothills Veterans Stand Down? What happens at these events, and when do they take place?
The Foothills Veterans Stand Down is a one-day event that provides veterans in the foothills region a variety of services and goods. Annually about 100 volunteers and over 60 agencies provide goods and information for veterans. Some services include dental work (fillings and extractions), haircuts, eye tests, blood pressure and blood sugar tests, tax service, clothing, and food.  Annually, 300+ veterans attend the event.

How can the community get involved?
The easiest way for the community to get involved is to contact us through our website. Volunteer forms for the Stand Down will always be available on the site, and there is an opportunity for people to donate through the website. All donations go directly to helping veterans.

Is there anything else you would like to add about FVHV?
FVHV is a 501c3 non-profit and an all-volunteer organization. Every dollar donated to us goes directly to help veterans.