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Leadership Catawba: Shared Perspectives

Leadership Catawba: Shared Perspectives

Earlier this month we were invited to meet this year’s participants in Leadership Catawba, an 8-month leadership development and community engagement initiative led by The Chamber of Catawba County. As we talked about “telling your community story,” we asked participants to share what they love most about living or working in Catawba County. Here’s what they had to say.

“I never heard of Hickory or Catawba County until I retired from the Marine Corps and started a new job here in 2017. This area is amazing. Small town feel, many places to hike, plenty of local eateries, and events. Every weekend we pick a new location to hike and always stop by a local place to eat. Love it!”

“I’ve lived here all my life. In high school, I couldn’t wait to move away. Shortly after I graduated from college, there were some significant initiatives that were being talked about. Then the vote for the bond referendum passed. Momentum started to build. Now we are seeing those things come to fruition! It’s so exciting to see this place evolve from a sleepy little factory town to a thriving, bustling, hip town! I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

“I love the family-oriented feel of our community. Also, the many offering that we have in regards to growth, leisure, economic stability and fun atmosphere.”

“I love the proximity and location of the county... the ease of travel to mountains, coast or larger cities. The county has everything I need for my family to grow and succeed in life.”

“I love the variety in the area. You can spend the day at a lake or hiking. Hang out in a small downtown community, or try out a variety of restaurants. Even though there isn’t a ‘big’ town, there are endless things to do here.”

“My favorite part of living in Catawba County is the sense of family. I moved back here from Greenville, SC, to run a family business. I found a sense of family in the entire community.”

“I love the small town feel with a science center, arts area, university, lake and parks. My husband came to LR [Lenoir-Rhyne University] after seeing an ad in a US Airways magazine. Once he moved to Catawba County from Baltimore, MD, he never left!”

“The family atmosphere in our community is amazing along with many activities low cost or free to take kids to explore. Many options for adults for nightlife, restaurants and meeting spaces.”

“I have worked in Catawba County for almost 16 years. I love all of the family friendly things to do. I live in Caldwell County but travel to Catawba County at least every other weekend to eat.”

“I’ve lived here my entire life. It has a great mix of activities for the whole family. It’s a well-rounded community that is growing but has no desire to become the next Charlotte.”

“Area is investing in itself (bond projects) and is projected to grow in population and economically develop.”

“I have worked or interned in six different public school districts, two charter schools and two private school systems, and I have TA’d at NC State, and since starting in October of 2020, my experience working for Catawba County Schools has been my most supported and rewarding time as a professional educator.”

“The potential of Catawba County is limitless. It’s so great to live in a place that is working so hard for growth. Growing up I just wanted to get out. Now I’m so glad I stayed.”

“It’s a good mixture of small city and nice quiet country. Lots to do for family as well as social. Quick drive between everything. Downtown area neat as well.”

“Location – easy to get to mountains or beach. People – very friendly, diversity. Entertainment – hiking trails, lake, 2 community theaters, arts (SALT Block), music.”

“Small town feel/community, but still plenty of great places to eat/drink and things to do! Also an amazing location in the state, so close to Asheville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem and more!”

“There is no better place to raise a family than Catawba County!”

“Outdoor parks and recreation. Catawba County’s willingness to make living/working better. Collaboration between residents in the county.”

“The exciting visions for the benefits of Catawba County and where we are now and the future of Catawba County.”

“I love working in Catawba County at CVCC [Catawba Valley Community College] – I love to see and be a part of a community that has a vision for making life better.”

“Small town with lots to do, family oriented activities, everywhere you go you often see someone you know, collaboration, short commute, lots of parks, close to Charlotte and Asheville.”

“Small town feel with big city access. So much to do in and around the area. Local government and leaders care to make this a great place to live and play! Community rallies and it feels like everyone really cares about one another.”

“You get the city vibe with a short drive the country/mountains. Perfect location in NC to raise a family and grow up.”

“I live in downtown Hickory area, so I love the downtown area – the Sails, the City Walk, the events! So much vibrancy! I also love all the parks!”