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The Catawba County Street Team recently surprised Jordan Ledford, executive director of the Council on Adolescents, to thank her for Making. Living. Better. in Catawba County.

With no lack of enthusiasm, the all-volunteer Catawba County Street Team actively spreads the word about what makes Catawba County a great place to live. Their newest initiative – The Street Team Ambush – aims to throw an on-the-spot surprise party for individuals who are making a difference in Catawba County. In doing so, they hope to not only thank those individuals for their efforts, but also to help others feel even more connected to the good things – and people – in our community. 

Watch the ambush here.

For the Team, Jordan Ledford was an obvious choice for their inaugural ambush – not just for her leadership role with the Council on Adolescents, but also because she “walks the talk” outside of work to help make a difference for youth in our community. This includes coaching junior varsity and varsity volleyball at Fred T. Foard High School and serving as a leader for the Catawba County Youth Council.

During the surprise celebration, which included (unbeknownst to Jordan) several of Jordan’s colleagues and family members, Jordan was presented with an oversized check worth one million kudos. Street Team partner Catawba County United Way helped pay it forward by donating $100 in Jordan’s name to a local charity of her choice.

Was it awesome? Yes. Will they do it again? You bet... you never know who might be next!