Contact Information

  • Randy Willis, District Administrator
  • (828) 465-8950
  • Contact via email
  • Main Location:1175 S Brady Ave, Suite 302 Newton, NC 28658


Soil sample kits are available at our office free of charge. The kit includes a sample box, form and instructions. The sample is taken by the land/ home owner and mailed to the state soil test lab. The results will be returned by e-mail.

Data and information about soil in Catawba County are available through the National Cooperative Soil Survey, which has soil maps and data available online for more than 95 percent of the nation’s counties.

Catawba County does not provide water services to the public. The City of Hickory, City of Newton and the Town of Long View are the three water providers in the county.

City of Hickory
(828) 323-7416

City of Newton
828) 695-4310

Town of Long View
(828) 322-6165

The USDA Beaver Damage Control Program is operated by USDA APHIS Wildlife Services.

Local Contact
Austin N. Clarke, Wildlife Specialist
(828) 383-1442