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Catawba County Animal Services Foster Program:

Foster Program
What is fostering?
Fostering an animal is taking that animal into your home and treating it like a member of the family. Not only does this give the animal a chance to leave the shelter, it gives that animal a better chance of adoption and finding permanent placement.

What type of commitment is there?
We are very flexible with foster homes. We understand that foster homes take vacations, have personal commitments, and may even need a break. We are very willing to work around the busy schedules of our foster homes. If you can only foster one animal a year, that is one animal that you have helped to save.

I already have animals, can I still foster?
Absolutely!! The only requirements are that the animals are fully vaccinated, and current on rabies (is a must).

What cost is involved with fostering an animal?
Catawba County Animal Services and/or the Humane Society of Catawba County provides all the food, vaccines, flea prevention, and deworming. There is no cost to the foster home, however, many foster homes purchase toys, beds, and clothing for their foster animal. Nothing is required to be purchased.

Interested in Fostering?
Contact the Foster Program Coordinator, Carla Smith at 828-466-7171 or via email at