Your County Government

Catawba County Government is a service organization that works for the residents of Catawba County. The County’s form of governance combines the civic leadership of elected officials with the managerial experience of an appointed county manager in collaboration with staff leadership.

Catawba County Organizational Structure

Our Statement of Philosophy

Catawba County government provides necessary services to its citizens with honesty and professionalism at reasonable costs. Although the range of services is diverse, the following principles guide our efforts:

  • Provide the least intrusive government that serves the best interest of all citizens.
  • View elected and appointed officials as policymakers, and staff as implementers of policy.
  • Encourage citizen participation in government and promote public trust and accountability.
  • Administer a government that is competent and responsive to citizens' needs while understanding its obligation to taxpayers.
  • Adhere to the community's strong work ethic, promoting high productivity with reasonable workloads.
  • Foster an economic, social and physical environment that allows individual and corporate citizens to realize their potential.
  • Encourage and recognize creativity, innovation, and teamwork among County employees.
  • Encourage administrative decision-making at the point of service.
  • Administer county government with compassion and fairness.