The Catawba County Board of Elections is committed to efficiently conducting fair, honest, and impartial elections so that all qualified Catawba County citizens may exercise their right to vote.

The office conducts local elections, operates voting sites, maintains voter registration lists and handles numerous aspects of election administration. The Catawba County Board of Elections works in conjunction with the State Board of Elections office to ensure that elections are conducted lawfully and fairly.


The deadline to register to vote on election day has passed. If you were not registered to vote by Friday, October 12th (25 days before the election), you are not eligible to vote on election day.

However...if you were living in Catawba County 30 days or more before the election (Sunday, October 7th), you may register and vote at a One-Stop Early Voting site. You will be required to show proof of residency (NCDL or other document showing your name and your current residnece address). If you have moved fewer than 30 days prior to the election, you are still qualified to vote in your prior polling place and may vote only there, even if you moved outside of your county.

Early Voting Locations - Catawba County voters may go to any of the five locations to vote (and register, if not registered)

One-Stop Early Voting Schedule - Open 18 days (Oct 17 - Nov 3)

Click here to view YOUR sample ballot - Use the State BOE's utility to check your voter registration information and see your sample ballot.
(Once you find and open your information, scroll to the bottom of the page. There will be a link to the sample ballot on the right side of the screen - "G0##").

On The Ballots - all the races on ballots in Catawba County. To see a sample of your ballot, search your record using the state's Voter Lookup.

Three Ways to Vote - November 6 General Election


Registration Form

Print and mail the form
to register to vote,
change name, address,
or party affiliation.

More Information

Deadline: Oct 12, 2018

You MUST be registered
by this deadline to vote
on Election Day at your
designated Polling Location


Absentee Request

Anyone may request an
absentee ballot by mail
for the upcoming election

More Information

Deadline: Oct 30, 2018

Uniformed and Overseas
Citizens should visit



One-Stop Schedule

Vote early at any of the
5 One-Stop locations

More Information

Starts: Wed, Oct 17, 7am

Ends: Sat, Nov 3, 1pm

If you missed the Oct 12th
registration deadline, you
may register and vote
at a One-Stop location
(with proper ID)

What's on the Ballot? - List of November Candidates (updated: 7/20/2018). View Campaign Finance Reports.

Information on Constitutional Amendments (State Board Website)

Partisan Primary - May 2018

Absentee Ballots AvailableTue, Mar 19
Registration Deadline (Books Close)Fri, Apr 13, 5pm
One-Stop Early Voting BeginsThur, April 19 - 8am
Last day to request an absentee ballot by mailTue, May 1 - 5pm
One-Stop Early Voting EndsSat, May 5 - 1pm
Election DayTue, May 8, 6:30am - 7:30pm
CanvassFri, May 18, 11am

General Election - November 2018

Absentee Ballots AvailableFri, Sep 7
Registration Deadline (Books Close)Fri, Oct 12, 5pm
One-Stop Early Voting Begins

Wed, Oct 17, 7am

  • One-Stop Hours

Weekdays 7am-7pm
Saturdays 8am-1pm
Sundays 1pm-5pm

Last day to request an absentee ballot by mailTue, Oct 30 by 5pm
One-Stop Early Voting EndsSat, Nov 3, 1pm
Election DayTue, Nov 6, 6:30am - 7:30pm
CanvassFri, Nov 16, 11am

On the Ballot

The November Genereal Election ballot contains Federal, State, Judicial, County, and Catawba County School Board races. There are 6 NC Constitutional Amendments, and Town of Long View residents have a Mixed Beverage referendum.

List of the contests and candidates in the November 6th, 2018 election

One-Stop Early Voting

One-Stop voting begins Wednesday, Oct 17 at 7am. Residents of Catawba County (registered voters and those not yet registered) my go to any of the 5 locations. Early voting ends Saturday, Nov 3 at 1pm. If you are an unregistered resident of Catawba County (as of Oct 12th) you may register and vote at the same time at a One-Stop site--identificatoin showing your Catawba Co residence address is required.
Hours | Locations | More information on voting early

Absentee-by-mail Requests

Any registered voter may request a ballot by mail. You may now begin submitting applications for a mail-in ballot. more information

Election Day

On Tuesday, Nov 6th, polls open at 6:30 am and close at 7:30 pm. Registered Catawba County voters must go to the precinct designated for their residential address 30 days before the election (where you were living on Oct 7, 2018). If you are not registered to vote in Catawba county by Oct 12, you are not eligabel to vote election day.
More Information | List of Precincts | Where's my precinct?

May 8, 2018 Primary Election Results

2018 Primary Results - link to SBOE interactive election results

Catawba County Official Results - PDF of Catawba County results (includes results by Precinct)

Election results for Catawba County were finalized at canvass on Friday, May 18th, 11am

Statewide results will be finalized mid-July.

Official Catawba County Election Results

Click here for Catawba County Election Results - PDF reports of votes by Catawba County voters (2002 to Current)

Interactive Results for Catawba County (NCSBE Website)

2018 Judicial Voter Guide with proposed constitutional amendments (PDF)

Information on Constitutional Amendments (NCSBE Website)