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The Development Opportunities

Catawba County invests in its employees, equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in our high-performing organization.

    Leadership Academy

    A year-long intensive course of study for emerging leaders, this program’s goal is to identify employees who have leadership potential and develop their skills by expanding their understanding of leadership and management responsibilities. Through an application process, participants are nominated by their supervisor, approved by their Department Head and screened by a selection committee. Selected employees participate in a series of academic modules, professional development activities, book studies, team-building activities and a team project assignment. Graduation event includes a team presentation and special recognition.

    Learning to Lead (L2L)

    This program for team leaders, front-line supervisors and aspiring leaders is designed to help employees learn about leadership principles and practice applying these skills to enhance their influence in the workplace. A variety of additional course content is available, from instruction in County policies and HR laws to exploration of diversity in the workplace. The L2L schedule includes eight full-day classes plus a final half-day wrap-up, which includes a graduation luncheon.

    Mini Course

    Mini-Course is a lunch-and-learn training program that introduces employees to the functions and services that each Catawba County department provides. Held over a period of nine months, participants travel to different County departments to attend educational sessions during their lunch hour. Some of the 17 sessions are lecture-based, while others involve guided tours. Employees who successfully meet the attendance requirements are recognized by the Board of Commissioners and County Management staff, and are invited to a special graduation event at the conclusion of the program.

If you are interested in learning more about a specific role or department,
please call Angie Triplett at (828) 465 – 8383
or send her an email