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STEAM is Hot!

STEAM is Hot!

Published: April 17, 2018

In learning environments and school curricula, STEAM is a prominent acronym that encourages instructors to capitalize on concepts from science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. (S – T – E – A – M. Get it?) While the focus is often on lessons directed at students in K-12 classrooms, STEAM is also popular with adults who are looking for well-rounded, practical approaches to education.

The library is a huge proponent of STEAM programs, and we offer them on a monthly basis as extracurricular support and independent learning for public, private, and home school lessons. Through the end of April, we’ve got two more good ones to engage school-aged students.

On Wednesday, April 25 at 4pm at the Sherrills Ford-Terrell Branch Library, our STEAM Explorers group will be figuring out the mysteries of Magic Sand. This fascinating material does things you wouldn’t think it should, so we’ll be applying science concepts and conducting experiments to see what it’s all about. The STEAM Explorers group comes together each month to delve into different topics and substances, so make sure to stay abreast of what’s on the forefront. Registration is recommended, so please call 828.466.6827 to reserve a space.

On Thursday, April 26 at 4pm at the St. Stephens Branch Library, we’ll be figuring out what all the buzz on bees is about. That means the humble but much-needed honeybee will be the focus of our session. We’ll learn what it does, what role it plays in the ecosystem, how it lives, and what we can do to keep it healthy. Participants will be able to view a beekeeping suit, taste honey, and make a craft to take home. We’re sure that folks who attend will leave with a newfound respect for the industrious little insect!

Previous STEAM activities the library has hosted have looked at the growing cycle of plants, the mathematics behind the pi symbol, the environmental impact of oil spills, the significance of butterflies in nature, dental health, electrical circuits, and more.

Additional opportunities for STEAM programs include the 4-H Bright Ideas Club – a group at the Sherrills Ford-Terrell Branch Library that completes hands-on projects based on the 4-H program guides – and construction zone activities at the Southwest (Mountain View) and Sherrills Ford-Terrell branches, which invite youngsters of varying ages to problem-solve through play, maneuvering, and resourcefulness.

It’s all good stuff in service to learning!