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See How 3-D Printing Works!

See How 3-D Printing Works!

Published: May 23, 2018

The Library is heavily involved in making the concepts of technology more accessible and less intimidating. Our efforts involve teaching county residents about software like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher, and they address hardware, like the cutting machines that create vinyl decals and the 3-D printers that generate actual objects for utility, function, and decoration.

Although the idea of printing in three dimensions can be hard to wrap your head around, it’s actually quite straightforward in actuality. And we love to show people how they can take a digital file, send it to the printer, and produce something simple like a gear or something with moving parts, like a ball bearing. Once we illustrate this process, it’s not too difficult a leap to imagine how living cells might create certain viable organs or how high-tech components might be produced for industry. If you can dream it, right?

This coming week, the Library invites folks to get a first-hand demonstration of how the simpler of these 3-D products are created, courtesy of the following classes:

• 3-D Basics – We’ll learn about the foundations of 3-D printing, defining it, talking about how exactly it works, and discovering where people can find resources to get, create, and share 3-D printable files.

Tuesday, May 29 at 4 pm at the Main Library in Newton.

• 3-D Printing Demonstration – We’ll discuss what 3-D printing is and look at the way all its elements come together to do something rather remarkable. We’ll also learn how to obtain and use 3-D printable files, and we’ll watch the library’s portable 3-D printer in action.

Tuesday, May 29 at 5 pm at the Sherrill Ford-Terrell Branch Library.