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Learn the Basics of 3-D Printing

Learn the Basics of 3-D Printing

Published: April 25, 2019

Although the idea of printing in three dimensions can be challenging to wrap your head around, the reality is relatively straightforward. While regular printing happens in two dimensions, a 3-D printer simply adds height to the standard mix of length and width.

The Library will be illustrating how 3-D printing works this coming week at a seminar that talks about the foundations of the technology. We’ll look at how the printer takes a plastic filament, heats it, and then builds layers across specific areas to produce the intended object. The result can be a figurine, a ball bearing, a container, or any of countless items you envision.

We’ll also look at how to get, create, and share 3-D printable files. While the options for printing are endless, it’s much easier to use existing templates to generate what you need than creating the computations that guide the technology. We’ll show you how to shortcut the process.

Of course, seeing the printer in action offers the most clear-cut explanation of its capabilities, so plan to join us and get a helpful overview of what can be accomplished with 3-D printing. The workshop meets at 4 pm on Tuesday, April 30 at the Main Library in Newton.