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Learn About Feng Shui

Learn About Feng Shui

Published: November 08, 2018

As cool weather settles in and we invite people over for holiday celebrations, making sure that our homes are warm and welcoming takes on added significance. We want people to feel at ease, and we want everyone – family and visitors – to have a sense of comfort and contentment.

That’s why it’s a particularly good time to attend the Library’s workshop on feng shui (pronounced fung shway). This venerable Chinese practice has a long history of drawing good things to people who observe its guidelines. If done correctly, it’s said that feng shui can help you get good sleep, attract money, and support relationships. We’ll learn about the principles that practitioners employ and accomplish them by boosting the positive energy around us with simple changes to furniture placement, accessories, geography, and choices made in terms of color and material (stone, metal, water, etc.).

If you’d like to discover how making adjustments to the physical environment can render our homes and offices more harmonious and productive, join us as we welcome internationally renowned feng shui master Margaret Selby to the Main Library in Newton. She’ll guide us in the practical aspects of environmental harmony and nudge us toward better function, more energy, and overall satisfaction!

The workshop meets Wednesday, November 14 at 6 pm.